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5 Minute Essential Oil Airplane Sanitizing Wipes

Travel season or vacation season is coming up and you may find yourself flying on an airplane soon. If you are not on an airplane you might be in a hotel somewhere – even for a staycation. Or maybe you are just staying home and have surface areas for your kids to clean or for you to clean. Any of the above are great uses for my 5-minute, homemade non-toxic sanitizing wipes.

My Airplane Story

Years ago I was traveling with my young son to Florida to meet my parents for a week in the Keys. It was going to be wonderful! I couldn’t wait for the rest and relaxation. I traveled via airplane and when we got there we enjoyed a day and a half of swimming and soaking in the sun. Soon thereafter I started getting SICK! Ugh. Really sick.  Really, Really Sick! Next thing I know I find myself in the urgent care in the back room on a cold hospital bed with the most horrendous migraine I had ever had and worse than flu like symptoms. All they could do was give me something over the counter.  It ended up taking an entire week in bed for me to recover all while my mom and dad, who were supposed to be on vacation, had to take care of me and my son. We also had to pay to change our return flight. Through the generosity of my parents they had us stay another entire week once I got well. The sickness was a complete nightmare and I learned my lesson about properly getting rid of germs in nasty germy places – especially the airplanes that are never cleaned.

Airplane travel has never been the same for me ever since.

It is very obvious that all the flight attendants are able to do in between most flights are pick up the trash. They don’t actually wipe seats down or seat belts, buttons or seat backs. What about those gross magazines? I recently flew to California and on my way back the seat I got smelled like barf. I almost horked all over the person next to me. The wipes were flying at that point! Yuck!

For a while after the infamous plane trip, when I would travel on via airplane, I would ignorantly use nasty Lysol wipes which I now know they are rated D according to the Environmental Working Groups website. It’s almost the same as putting poison on your surfaces and feeling good about it because they are “disinfected.” They get a D rating because of some ingredients in them are known to cause asthmatic symptoms and respiratory problems. Even worse, one of the ingredients used is ALKYL DIMETHYL BENZYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDES (C12-16) and it get’s a F rating due to systemic organ effects. Most commercial wipes out there have chemicals, preservatives and highly toxic ingredients even if they say they are “natural.” For optimal health, it is necessary to steer clear of these chemicals.  Maybe you want to check the rating for the wipes you currently use on EWG? We only allow 1-2 or A rated products into our home. Now, I make all our cleaners and even teach Cleaning With Essential Oils classes to groups or individuals in person or online. Contact me if you would like to take one of my classes. Here is the list of the courses I teach.

5 Minute Essential Oil Airplane Sanitizing Wipes 2 | Feasting On Joy

Homemade essential oil sanitizing wipes are less expensive, much safer for your health and quick and simple to make. They are 100% non-toxic!

We use our favorite essential oils in these wipes! If these wipes were rated on EWG, they would rate 0 (best rating to get) because there is absolutely no problematic ingredients whatsoever in them. My kids can use them and I don’t even have to caution them to wash their hands after touching them or to hold their breathe because of what toxin they might breathe in. That’s a big win in my book!

These take only 5 Minutes to Make at Home!

We use these for our airplane travel and each person gets their own ziploc bag filled with wipes to use. For this purpose I actually put wipes in a smaller ziploc bag than is called for on the recipe card. Personally, I keep a bigger gallon ziploc bag with these wipes in my purse for things like airport seats and armrests or anytime my kids~ being kids~ touch random stuff they shouldn’t. Even when we arrive at the hotel we use them. It’s nice to have them when I am out and about too. The other way we use them is on our tables and counter tops in our kitchen or when someone is getting sick in our house I go around and sanitize the door handles, banister, faucets, etc. It really helps to eradicate the germs quicker and get rid of any sickness faster.

5 Minute Essential Oil Airplane Sanitizing Wipes 3 | Feasting On Joy

Without further ado here is the recipe you have been waiting for!

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Make up a Quick Batch of These 5 Minute Essential Oil Airplane Sanitizing Wipes Next Time Your Travel

Next time you find yourself preparing to travel, set aside 5 minutes to make you and your family a set of these wipes. You will be so thankful to have them on hand in those germy airplanes and airports. Don’t forget, you can also use these around your home during time when seasonal threats are high and you need to disinfect areas of your home. I would love to hear your experience using these. Don’t hesitate to contact me or let me know in the comments.

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