Spring Photo Safari

It's my favorite time of gardening season right now. Not only do I love all the colors popping up everywhere but it is so amazing to me to watch a seedling pop out of the dirt and start developing into what God designed it to be. I find it awe-inspiring to think that...

The Giant

I mentioned in this post that we have big sunflowers coming up in our yard.  Actually they were randomly growing all over the garden so we transplanted a few to where we wanted them. I had no idea they get so big.  In fact some they are shading some of our corn so it...

Garden Time!

It's time for a garden update.  This has been a long time coming.  So long that our garden is even different than these pictures now.  It is so exciting. I have learned through our first garden how much hard work it is.  I grew almost everything from organic seeds and...

Root Vue

I have to tell you about a really neat gift Corbin received for Christmas from my parents in 2011. It is called Root Vue.  I am always partial to gifts that are educational as well as gifts that make you think (like wooden blocks and legos and such.)  So many toys...

Spring Gardening

Gardening season has begun here. It has been so much fun.  I have a lot to learn and love learning though! I love that beautiful fruits, veggies, plants and flowers come from such tiny little seeds and that they can actually sustain a life.  The days here have been on...

Signs of Spring

There are signs of spring popping up all over. I love spring.  All the colors and beautiful butterflies fluttering by make me remember what and awesome Creator I serve. Where we lived before we had what felt like a perpetual summer. Mostly warm weather and a winter...

Jennifer | Feasting On Joy

Hi There!

My name is Jennifer and I am thrilled you stopped by. Grab a cup of tea and stay awhile with me. You are valuable. You are worth it. You can heal. You are powerful. You can have the life you always dreamed of. My pain has become my purpose. It's my biggest joy to help you move from merely surviving your life and just "getting through it", to thriving and loving every part of your life!
Are you with me? 

Welcome to
Feasting On Joy!

Welcome To Feasting On Joy!

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