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Toxins to Avoid in Your Home Cleaners

I often say if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. What I mean by that is when you are chronically sick, the consequence is often watching life just go on around you while you observe. You live in your body but you can’t utilize your body because it doesn’t work correctly. From experience, I can say that it’s a dismal place to be and I would do anything to avoid ever going back to that state.

What do You Get Toxin Exposure From?

When I was in the thick of healing one very important thing I did was analyze the toxins that were in my life. They came in the form of:

  • Cosmetics
  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Cleaning Products
  • Foods
  • Drinks
  • Kitchen Products
  • The Environment

Over time, one by one, I had to educate myself on which ingredients were toxic and why. Then I had to throw out the products that had the toxic chemicals in them and then replace them with non-toxic alternatives that helped me heal. Within the course of a year, I was able to make the healthy replacements and by doing that along with my massive diet change, I gained my health back and was gifted my life back.

Store-bought Home Cleaners

The list above of seven areas that toxins reside can be daunting. However, I want to take one segment of that list and help you get a head start on your education about it. That area is cleaning products!

We buy these cleaners at the grocery store, Target or Wal-Mart and we think we’re cleaning our homes. The dirty little secret is that we’re really not cleaning our homes at all. Instead, we are spreading very toxic chemicals all over the surfaces, in the air and on our skin and calling it “clean.”

Friends, I care about your health.

I don’t want you to take the same path I did of being debilitated so badly from Hashimotos or any other chronic disease. I know that if you truly understood how various chemicals affect your health that you would choose something different. If I would have known, I would have immediately gotten these poisons out of my home. I would also have done more research on the “green cleaners” with an understanding that they are not all they’re cracked up to be!

Toxins to Avoid in Your Home Cleaners Guide | Feasting On Joy

It’s Time to Learn About The Toxins in Your Home Cleaners

Because my main goal at Feasting On Joy is to help you become aware and make changes for better health, I created a very handy guide all about the toxins in your home cleaners. It’s very simple. It’s not overwhelming. Rather, it aims to bring awareness to you of what is important to avoid and show you products (with pictures) that you may think are harmless when they really are detrimental to the functioning systems in your body.



Removing the Toxins Will Help You Find Your Health Again!

I would like to guide you to help you remove the toxins from your home by focusing on cleaning products first. Reading the Dangerous Toxins in Your Home Cleaners Guide is the first step to for taking control of your health again. It can’t stop there though! The second step is implementing the change with the information you have learned. If you are aware but don’t take action you will still have ill health. On the other hand, if you grab on tight to the new knowledge you have and run with it by implementing changes in your life you will see a dramatic improvement in how you feel. That’s what I want for you. I have felt that healing and it’s empowering! Start with learning about the toxins in your cleaning products and then removing them.

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Toxins to Avoid in Your Home Cleaners | Feasting On Joy

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  1. Good points! There are probably many more toxic substances out there than the general public realizes!

    • Jennifer

      Pippit – so true!


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