Spiritually Bored and Stagnant? My #1 Way to Revive Your Bible Study and Reignite Your Faith

Have you ever desired to have a deep and fulfilling Bible study consistently but wonder why you usually end your study feeling frustrated, empty, and like you wasted your time? Maybe you are just doing your duty and checking off the box of Bible study but in your heart, you desire so much more in your walk with God.

It’s not uncommon to feel the way you do since we live in such a busy culture today. As a mom, we often wear a lot of hats and are juggling multiple things at once which makes focusing on one thing at a time very hard.

Laying a Foundation

When you sit down to do your daily Bible study with great expectation, and you start reading, sometimes your brain doesn’t stop thinking about the other things going on in your life. It can be that very distraction keeps the Word from getting deep into your mind and heart to make a lasting impact you desire.

However, there’s a very important point I want to share with you –Your brain works very differently when you are reading something versus when you are writing something. Let’s examine exactly what is going on in your brains when you read as opposed to when you write.

Your Brain on Reading

According to scilearn.com, when we read, our temporal lobe is decoding/discriminating sounds if we’re reading out loud and it is helping us with phonological awareness. Our frontal lobe which handles speech production, reading fluency, grammatical usage, and comprehension, is making it possible to understand simple and complex grammar in our native language. The angular and supramarginal gyrus are serving as a “reading integrator” a conductor of sorts, linking the different parts of the brain together to execute the action of reading. These areas of the brain connect the letters c, a, and t to the word cat that we can then read aloud.

These are all great things, right? Reading is a very powerful activity that you should be taking part in every day.

Let’s Examine the Brain on Writing

The areas we just talked about continue to do their job, but with writing, other areas of the brain start to turn on. Specifically, the hippocampus which retrieves the factual information and is responsible for memory becomes active. The occipital lobe of our brain which helps with visualization becomes more active which in turn helps us remember better. We actually start seeing in our heads what we are writing. In addition, when we write, the caudate nucleus in our brain becomes active. This is the area of our brain that handles automatic functions or functions that are practiced over time like learning to handwrite, etc. Those functions start as practiced functions and then when mastered move to automatic functions. Interestingly, when this region of our brain is active it means that there is some form of memory involved.

Based on this very basic understanding of how our brain works, it’s safe to deduce that writing by hand boosts our ability to retain information, comprehend new ideas and be more productive. 

It’s also important to note that the more you use these neural pathways, the more you develop them and the result is better-retained information with a deeper understanding.

Valid Scientific Research

I want to share with you some research that was done by Princeton University and the University of California. They examined those who took notes on laptops in class versus those who actually hand wrote their notes. The results were profound! The people who took notes on paper actually learned and retained more than those who used laptops. The reason is that handwriting engages different paths of your brain, forces you to more fully process your thinking, creates more and better memory cues for later recall and gives you an edge in understanding and remembering concepts.

The science that backs up the compelling force that writing has on our minds is powerful.

So what does all this science and brain activity have to do with YOUR Bible study time and your connection to God?

A lot actually! Since we are already distracted by so much in our lives today, our brain has an even harder time filtering out the distractions and focusing on the words we read in our Bible’s (or any book for that matter.) I’d like to propose to you, based on the science that writing out Scripture will have a more profound benefit for your connection, comprehension and retention than just reading Scripture will.

Do you want your Bible study times to be transformative and intimate? Do you want to fulfill the desire you have for allowing God’s Word to find its way into your heart? I bet you do! I did too!

QUEST is the Solution That Revived my Bible Studies!

{It will do the same for you!}

Once I realized how powerful writing Scripture was to help me focus on what I was reading as well as remember and retain God’s powerful Truths, I knew I needed to write out Bible verses every day. Over the course of a few months, I wrote 3,100 Bible verses and seven entire books of the Bible. The intimacy I found through writing out Scripture was unmatched and my faith and understanding of the Word grew leaps and bounds. This is because of the way God designed our brains to absorb information when writing. It’s amazing!

My Bible study became something I looked forward to every day because I couldn’t wait to see how God was going to reveal himself to me. The truths He laid on my heart daily were life changing!

You’ll Need an Intentional Roadmap

While it’s certainly ok to just purely write each book of the Bible, I really wanted to provide you with a roadmap. Maybe you feel like improving the way you speak to others and you need God’s help or you want to be able to conquer that nagging fear that eats at you every day. QUEST is developed with topics for you to choose from depending on what you’d like to focus on. You could choose the topical module that will help you write specific Scriptures on Taming Your Tongue or Conquering Your Fears. There are 13 to choose from!

What is QUEST? {My #1 Way to Revive Your Bible Study and Reignite Your Faith}

QUEST stands for Quiet Unmatched Scripture Writing Time and is a powerful and practical solution for you to revive your Bible study and reignite your faith.

Through specific topics, you can write the Word 6 days a week for four weeks at a time. With the handy checklist, you will be able to mark off what you’ve read and know what is assigned for the next day. Along with the Scripture assignments, you will be able to dig deeper with the QUEST Deep Dive Journaling Prompts and write out your thoughts on the provided journaling pages.

In the Deuteronomy 11:8, God tells us a lot about writing His Word on our hearts. He says, “You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.”

QUEST was Designed with YOU in Mind

Since as moms we’re so busy, QUEST needed to be simple and easy to do each day. It had to have options. Somedays you might have more time than others and on those days you can spend up to 45 minutes digging into the Word but on the days you are doing good to get a Bible study in, you can still spend 10 minutes of your time and be able to have God’s Truths penetrate your heart and soul.

I also knew that you needed topical choices as well as a choice on how many topics you were going to commit to writing verses on. That’s why you can purchase QUEST 3 ways. You can try out a QUEST single topic for 4 weeks of writing 6 days a week to see how it works for you or a QUEST Bundle which contains 3-4 topics encompassing 12-16 weeks of writing 6 days a week. However, the most popular and economical option that people choose is QUEST Complete which includes all 13 topics which cover 52 weeks of Scripture writing for 6 days each week. Plus, it comes with over $70 in bonuses which everybody absolutely loves.  The choice is yours!  If you want to learn even more in depth about QUEST and ALL the details you can click here.

I Promise QUEST Will Revolutionize Your Bible Time

If you’re ready to get rid of the stagnation and the spiritual boredom you are struggling with then I strongly encourage you to check out QUEST. It’s the practical roadmap that will walk you through writing out God’s Word and it will literally transform the way you absorb what you read. The verses will be truly written on your heart from the power of writing out Scripture and your connection with God will grow stronger and stronger each day.

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