The Smell of Sunshine Diffuser Blend

The Smell of Sunshine Diffuser Blend

Do you ever have days that feel gloomy and monotonous? During the winter these type of days can happen often as we crave the sunshine God gave us. I’ve created a diffuser blend that will help bring the boost of energy and good mood that we’d normally get from the sun from these beautiful essential oils.

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First, Why Use Therapeutic Oils?

First of all, let’s talk about the grade of oils you’ll want to diffuse. If you are not using certified pure therapeutic grade oils that are tested to be potent and pure then you will not benefit from the healing effects of the oils. Remember, therapeutic = optimal benefits. If you are using a grade of oil that has synthetics and contaminants then you are not receiving optimal benefits and possibly putting yourself at risk for bad side effects. It’s VERY important friends. That’s why we only use our favorite essential oils because we know they are tested over 14 times for purity and potency and to be sure they’re free of any contaminants like heavy metals, GMO’s, fungus’s, herbicides or pesticides. We want to put oils that help with healing on, not oils that hinder healing.

Why We Love This Diffuser Blend

Cardamom is such a great oil. This high-quality oil is sourced from premium, beyond organic cardamom seeds and it’s closely related to ginger. Due to its high 1,8-cineole content it is wonderful for improving respiratory health as well as assisting with gastrointestinal health. Also, it can help improve mood and soothe occasional stomach discomfort. It is also sourced from Guatemala and our company actually partners with the farmers there to give them a livelihood!

Wild Orange is one of our most popular essential oils and we source it from the Dominican Republic. It is high in monoterpenes and has stimulating and purifying qualities. It is wonderful for uplifting the mind as well as supporting a healthy immune system when seasonal threats are high.

Douglas Fir, steam distilled from branches and leaves, sourced from New Zealand, and since it is an invasive species there utilizing the trees for essential oils helps New Zealand’s ecosystem. Due to it being rich in beta-pinene it promotes a positive mood and also helps to clear airways.

Be sure to try this diffuser blend in any season! It can put you in a good mood and help reduce allergens in your home of office as well as clear out those air passages in your body!

I have created a full color printable 4 x 6 recipe card to add to your essential oils recipes binder. It’s free to you!

See Below To Download Your Free Recipe Card ⇓

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