Feasting On Joy Boutique Policies

Welcome to our boutique policy page! If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email us at Feastingonjoy@gmail.com. Please put “Feasting On Joy Boutique” in the subject line.


Here’s a general overview of the timing of how we work on and ship an order. Additional time may be required around certain holidays due to increased order volume. Also, our work week is Monday through Friday and while we sometimes work on orders over the weekend, it’s not normal practice.

•We are notified that an order has been placed.
•We review the details of your order and look for the email you sent to us with your family names, descriptive words and quotes.
•We email you, letting you know that everything is OK to begin your order or we let you know that we need more information before we can begin.

POST ORDER BUSINESS DAY 2-4 (Note: This phase doesn’t begin until we have all of your information.)
•1st proof production. The result of this work is a digital proof.
•Digital proof is sent to you to review and approve or review and respond with minor edits. Please keep in mind that if you delay approval or comments back to us that will delay us finalizing, printing and shipping your print.
•If revisions were made you will receive a second digital proof upon which we will go through the approval process via email again. Within 24 hours of receiving the second proof please send us a response so we can finalize your art and proceed with processing. See the PLEASE READ section on our home page for more detail on this.

NOTE: Once we send a proof you cannot cancel your order. If after 14 days of digital proof delivery we have not heard back from you with comments or approval of your proof we will print and ship your order. At this point your order is not eligible for any changes or a refund. Please see the “Refund Policy” section below for additional details.

•Order printing which includes the print itself, your invoice, and shipping label and will be shipped to the address you provided with your order.

Payment must be made at the time of purchase.

Samples and mockups are not created without an order. We are willing to discuss your order ideas via an email but cannot take the time to create art prior to receiving payment. Our production is not a push-button process and to provide you a pre-purchase image delays orders of those who have already paid.

When a personalized item is purchased and a digital proof has been delivered, we will correct any errors made on requests that were part of the original order such as spelling errors or omissions. Only minor edits are possible after receiving your first digital proof. We will not change the order over to another style or item choice at this point in the order fulfillment process. If a change such as this is desired, you will need to order the appropriate “Major Change to my Previously Placed Order” item from our shop. We will create this shop section for you upon request. The fee for that will vary depending on what major change is happening.

All shipments are delivered by the USPS unless otherwise stated. Once a package leaves our boutique, we are not responsible for the length of time it takes to arrive, nor are we responsible for any damage or loss that may occur. If your package does not arrive in the specified time frame stated by the USPS or fails to arrive altogether, please contact your local Post Office or go online to www.usps.com for a refund or to dispute any delivery issues.

Be aware that In the weeks leading up to major gift giving holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas your order may take longer to print and ship.

●Our prints are sent via Priority Mail (PM) with limited tracking, have limited insurance and does not come with a deliver-by guarantee.

Packages are delivered to your door (or a large mailbox) with your regular mail delivery. Packages are delivered with or without someone present at the delivery address.

We do not do international orders at this time.

Please make sure that the shipping address on your original order is correct. If you need to change your shipping address please do so ASAP – we will change the destination address when we create your shipping label. If we ship your package and it ends up going to an old or incorrect address you are responsible for obtaining package from the Post Office. If your package is lost because of incorrect address information you provided during the order process, the only thing you can do is pay for a reprint to be sent to you.

Refunds/Exchange Policy

Cancellation requests received PRIOR to proof creation will be granted and fully refunded, however once a proof has been sent, no refunds will be issued. All of our prints are made by a human (using a computer) and it takes time to create them. What you pay is 95% expended to make your first proof. Please consider your purchase carefully before ordering and pay close attention to the item details. We will do our best to work with you to create the print that you envision.

Items are packaged with a minimum of two protective layers in the hope that you receive a mint condition print. We are not responsible for the damage or loss of items once they’ve left our shop. If damage is caused during shipment your package is insured for $50 via USPS. You may contact USPS directly to file a grievance and ask for payment from them. We are not able to do this for you and are not responsible for paying you back for damage occurred.

●If your insured package arrives damaged you have two options. (1) File a claim with the USPS (Post Office: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm). It usually takes about 30 days to receive a refund check in the mail. After filing your claim you can then, at any time, contact us with photographic proof of damage after which we will ship you a reprint for 50% the original item cost plus shipping fees – we will need you to request a custom order to setup this pricing. (2) The second option is to contact us immediately after your damaged package arrives with photographic proof of the damage.

If your package had a deliver-by date associated with it and your package arrives late you must contact the shipper to receive a refund. We do not refund based on any shipper’s deliver-by guarantee.

If your package could not be delivered because it required a signature and no one was available to sign for the package you have no recourse for refund from us or from your shipper. You will have to schedule a redelivery of your package.
Extreme care is taken when handling your print and each print is carefully inspected before being packaged with a protective sleeve. We ship mint condition prints. If you believe that there is a defect, printing, or packaging problem with your print please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your print and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Please note that we will require photographic evidence of any defect or problem prior to any resolution. In most cases valid proof of a defect or problem will result in a new print shipped ASAP at no cost to you.

This is damage caused by the recipient of the print either when opening the package or when handling/framing the print. Damage from mishandling can take many forms: tearing, dimple, fold, crease, scratch, adhesive, moisture (cover that sneeze). We do not offer a free replacement for any type of damage to a print caused by mishandling.

If you damage your print and would like a replacement please contact us with photographic proof of the damage. The cost for reprinting a print damaged by you is usually 50% the original item cost plus shipping fees – we will need you to request a custom order to setup this pricing.

If your order arrives on time, undamaged and without manufacturing defect and is a custom print it is not refundable for any reason. For all orders, every customer is sent a digital proof of their print to review and approve (in some cases several rounds of proofs are sent). Your approval of a digital proof indicates that you accept all design, color, material, symbology, text and spelling content that is part of your final physical print. Also, if after 14 days of digital proof delivery we have not heard back from you with comments or approval of your proof we consider your proof approved as is and will print and ship your order as is.

If after receiving your print you are dissatisfied, we will work with you to create a revised print but we will not make changes, reprint, or ship a revised print for free. The cost to make changes to your print is 85% the original item cost plus shipping fees – we will need you to request a custom order to setup this pricing.

We do not do any exchanges.

Additional policies and FAQs

★Business hours when we are able to communicate with you are Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM MST★


•All prints and designs are the sole and exclusive property of Feasting On Joy Boutique. Copyright of the artwork does not transfer with the sale of any item.

•Occasionally we may use photographs of orders that are in production or completed in Feasting On Joy “Boutique Photos” section as well as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Your privacy on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us and because of that we will never show customer identifiable information that will expose your exact identity, your physical address, or a photograph of you without written permission from you first.


•Do I have to place a custom order? All orders we do are custom orders specific your desires.

•Does my order come framed? Unfortunately as this time we do not offer framed prints. Shipping a heavy, fragile item like a framed print is quite expensive and a rather tedious process to make sure that you receive an undamaged final item. All is not lost however, we create all of our prints at standard sizes so that it is easy for our customers to buy a frame at a local craft shop like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. Pre-made craft store frames come in different colors and designs plus it will save you lots of money – you aren’t paying for our labor to frame and the cost of shipping, only the price of the frame.

•Why can’t I cancel after a first proof? When we send you a first proof we send you a digital file. If we allowed cancellation after first proof it would be easy for the unscrupulous customer to get a free print.


•How fast will I get my order? Please read the “Welcome” and “Shipping” sections above, it explains everything in detail and depending on the time of year it will take 2-3 weeks (often arriving earlier than expected).

•When will my order ship? Please read the “Welcome” and “Shipping” sections above, it explains everything in detail.

•My package arrived damaged, what do I do? Start by reading the “Refunds/Exchange Policy” section above, this covers most scenarios and how to proceed.

•I didn’t receive my order, will you send me a replacement? Maybe. All packages that we ship have a tracking number associated with them and they are scanned by the mail carrier when they deliver your package. If your package is marked delivered by the post office and you claim that it was not delivered that’s a big gray area – it’s your word versus the post office. In almost all cases the package has miraculously been found by the customer after an investigation is initiated by the post office – let’s be honest, that feels a little dishonest at best. We take your claim seriously and will happily send a new print but not before we ask a few questions.

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