DIY Race to the Reef Science Board Game to Use With Apologia Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

Race to the Reef Science Board Game to use with Apologia Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

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We absolutely love Apologia Curriculum. We have a lot of experience with both their science and worldview curriculum. Recently, we completed Apologia Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day and I wanted to do a “final” project that would help review and set-in-stone the things that my children learned.

For the final project, my oldest son and I came up with the idea of a fantastic board game that incorporates almost 200 questions from the material that we learned from the year of science. With his expertise and creativity and my computer skills, we were able to put together a cohesive game that’s not only fun to play but a great survey of all of the information learned. This DIY science board game is great because to put it together you will mainly need household supplies you already have!

I love that the kids can put this DIY science board game together in no time at all!

Race to the Reef Front of Game

The Goal of the Board Game

The goal of the game is for the player to be the first to get from start, the Deep Sea Ocean, to the finish line, the Coral Reef.


The players will encounter setbacks along the way due to ocean currents, sharks, being sent to the beach, and more! There are many spaces that also help the players to get ahead. To advance, a die is rolled and if the person lands on a space with a red, yellow or green fish they must be able to answer a question from that level of question cards. There is easy medium and hard cards all pertaining to what was learned in the Apologia Zoology 2 course.

Race to the Reef Closeup Start Line

Race to the Reef Close up Finish line

Race to the Reef Closeup picture space

Race to the Reef Fish Spaces close up

Race to the Reef movement piece

Character Game Tokens

Your child will be able to choose from 14 character game tokens to play their game. All you have to do is print them and laminate them but we give a few options for creating the game tokens in the instructions. We named the characters fun names like Cooky the Conch and Stinger the Jellyfish!

Game Character Pieces

My son and I sat for many hours coming up with almost 200 question cards to incorporate into this game. It was a lot of work but in the end turned out to be a very thorough review of the course. We tried to include questions pertaining to each lesson that Apologia offered in their book. As I mentioned before, there are different color cards that signify difficulty level for the student. Red is going to be a harder question. Yellow is going to be an intermediate question and green will be the easiest questions. The best part is that answers are included so you won’t need to look them up! We created enough cards in each category for a number of players to be able to play and answer their questions appropriately.

Race to the reef closeup green question card

Race to the Reef close up question card

There are also picture cards that require the player to move to the space on the board that has that picture. That could be a good thing for winning or it could be bad!

Race to the Reef Close Up Picture Question Card

Race to the Reef Question Card Green and Board

Race to the Reef Start and Finish and Yellow and Red Question Cards

Your Children’s Creativity

Another fun facet of this DIY science board game is that your kids can add their own creative touches. Our kit gives you all the games pieces, tokens, questions cards and more but they get to personalize colors, shapes, the way the board is set up and really add their own uniqueness to it. For a younger child it is recommended that the parent help print, cut and assemble the game but for older children, they will be able to have full creative license!

Purchase Your Kit Now!

Guess what? You can purchase the kit so you can make this game at home with your children. You can find it in Feasting On Joy’s shop under printables or you can click the photo below.  It is very reasonably priced because we want you to be able to incorporate this into your Zoology 2 studies with Apologia.


Happy Playing!

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