3 Ways You Can Live Free From Worry

Did You Know Worry Can Cause Disease?

Everything God made has a resonating frequency including plants, animals, humans and all the in-between. Worry brings the frequency of the human body down to 12 MHz. Healthy bodies generally have a frequency of 62-78 MHz and disease usually begins at 57 MHz. Based on those facts, you can see why it is important to gain control over your worrisome thoughts.

“A chronically negative emotional state, such as fear, anxiety or unresolved grief, depresses interleukin 2 production and, thus, compromises immune function. This leads to mistakes on the part of the immune system, at cellular levels…A habitually negative mental state damages your immune system and can lead to a host of different autoimmune diseases including allergies and other types of environmental sensitivities.” David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M

I am a recovering worrier who is sometimes more recovered than others! Worry about losing my kids, being embarrassed, getting sick, achieving my goals, my pet’s wellness, relationships, my job; you name it, I worried about it!

The Definition of Worry

As defined in Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, the definition of worry is:

  1. To tease; to trouble; to harass with importunity, or with care and anxiety.
  2. To fatigue; to harass with labor
  3. To tear; to mangle with the teeth
  4. To vex, to persecute brutally

Tease, harass, tear, fatigue, labor, mangle and persecute sound like awful words! Consider this – every time we worry, we are allowing one of these dreadful words to be a force in our lives. I want to propose to you three tools you can use in your life to defeat your worry and live your life free from it.

Resolve to Surrender

Worry stems from fear and fear can come from the unknown or the things we cannot control. Moreover, surrender is yielding power to another. When we give power to God, who is perfectly capable of handling today, tomorrow and the future, we begin the act of surrendering.

What does surrendering look like, practically? Well, it takes effort and action. It’s certainly not passive. Surrendering requires a mental and physical willingness to literally hand over your worry and fear to the One who wants to take it. It can take on different actions. It may look like getting on your knees in prayer and telling the Lord all your fears and then speaking out loud, asking Him to take them from you. You may choose to write your worries, concerns and doubts on paper and then burn them up and a symbolic way of getting rid of them.

Verses that you’ll want to memorize, that were very powerful for me while surrendering my worry were: 1 Peter 5:6-7, John 14:1 and Philippians 4:6. It’s important to have these verses stored in your head through memorization so when those worrisome thoughts come back into your head you can refute them and replace them with the Truth of God’s powerful written Word.

Surrender is the first tool to use to conquer your worry.

Embrace Trust

The second tool that will be helpful to employ to live free from worry is trust. Let’s consider who God is for a moment. He is the Creator. That means He made, out of nothing, every microscopic cell, plants, animals, man, etc. He is the sustainer of life. The Bible says that in Him we live and move and have our being. The breath we breathe is from Him. He is the author of our faith who is perfect, all knowing, all seeing, everywhere at once, and our healer. He is the most powerful in all the earth (and universe!)

Based on who God is, can you trust Him to love and know your children better than you? Since His breath is your breath can you trust Him in your health? Are you able to trust that He works out all the details of your life? Can you trust that God holds every one of your circumstances in His hands and they are all in His control? Anything is possible with our sovereign Lord!

When we believe with all our hearts that God is sovereign because we know who He is, then we can more easily surrender to Him, trust in Him and hand over our worries. We have faith He is in control and is faithful to us. By fervently trusting that God can handle all the stuff going on in your life and you don’t have to, you will find that your worries will melt away and the burdens will be lifted off your shoulders.

Actively Commit

Resolving to surrender and embracing trust sound good in writing and in our minds but actually applying those principles is where the true change comes in. This is where our third tool of actively committing comes in. In order to actively commit it takes intention and application. To overthrow worry in your life you will need to be proactive and invest focused, purposeful effort to be successful.

For me personally, practical, active application looks like memorizing scripture which establishes God as faithful, powerful and trustworthy in my life. When I am overcome by worrisome thoughts I reflect on God’s faithfulness through His Word and by recalling all the ways He has shown his sovereignty and love in my life. I actively commit my thoughts to dwell on the qualities I know about God and I rebuke the untruths that come into my mind that trap me in fear and worry. Another practical way I actively commit is by journaling. It is a great way for me to recall his faithfulness because I can look back at my entries and read about His mighty work. It also allows me to get my worries out of my head and onto paper. I find that while I journal, I more freely surrender my worries to Jesus and trust that He is in perfect control of my life and all of its circumstances. Prayer is also a very powerful way I commit to the Lord which consequently helps me to more easily walk away from worry. His grace and strength provide the way for me and will for you too!

Actively commit to seek the Lord every day by spending time in His Word, praying and worshipping him and then follow through by doing what He’s asked you to do. This is your recipe for your success to ditch your worry and replace it with Truth and Light.

In Essence

To cast out worry from your life and ensure the frequency of your body stays between 62-78 MHz, you’ll need to implement the three tools I shared with you. First, resolve to surrender humbly to the Lord – your worries, your ways, your thoughts, & your plans. Second, you’ll need to embrace trusting in our loving Father. He is powerful and altogether capable of handling all the things you worry about. He will give you the grace to walk through what He deems fit for you. Lastly, and very important, you must actively, not passively, commit to implementing these tools in a practical way that works for your life remembering that scripture memorization is key! Devise a plan with these tools that’s specific to who you are and the Truth of who God is so that you can live free from worry.

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