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Enter to Win One 9ml Rollerball of Our Favorite Protective Blend Therapeutic Essential Oil! ($28.00 Value)

Here at Feasting On Joy and FeastingOnJoyOils we love essential oil so much and use different ones everyday in our lives and our children’s lives. They are empowering and we don’t know how we lived so many years without having them in our home. One of our absolute favorites is the Protective Blend Touch (that means it’s conveniently placed in proper proportions in a rollerball.) We consider this an emergency oil and one we need to have on hand at all times. This essential oil blend is great when you have come in contact with a threat to your immune system. We all know that can happen just about anywhere!

Using the Protective Blend that is not in a rollerball, we usually apply one drop to our hands, cup our hands over our mouth and nose and breathe in. Or we put a drop or two on our feet and/or diffuse it in the air.

Do you work with a lot of people or interact with others during your day? This is a great one for the office or classroom. The oil blend or rollerball fits perfectly in your purse or pocket for to be able to take it on the go.

Protective Blend Touch is great because it is in a rollerball and already includes fractionated coconut oil with it! You just open the cap and rub it right on the area you need too like the bottom of feet, chest or back of neck. It’s a roll on! The convenience is the best! We use this on ourselves and safely on our children with great success.

Learn More!

If you are local, you can attend one of our classes to learn more about this blend and how to use it. Webinars for non-local people are in the works and until then we do phone classes while utilizing printouts that we’ve shared while viewing the computer together!

Here’s How You Can Win!

To Enter to Win (1) Protective Blend Touch Rollerball:
(The more you do the more entries you receive.)

  • Share this giveaway with a friend or family member and email me to let me know you did. (2 entries)
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  • *If you forward this post to a friend and they subscribe to Feasting On Joy’s newsletter you will receive 5 entries. If they sign up with FeastingOnJoy Oils as a Wellness Advocate ordering a kit you will receive 20 entries! We love referrals!

The person with the most entries wins. If there is a tie names will be drawn from a hat.

**No need to send separate emails for each entry. One with all the info will suffice. You can forward to more than one friend for more entries. Just let me know you did. (Giveaway ends June 4, 2016 at 12pm)

I love you all and am so thankful for my readers! Glorifying the Lord and encouraging you is why I do what I do.

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