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Did you know that our oral health is just as important as our gut health? There are millions of good and bad bacteria that thrive in our mouths. Bad bacteria in our mouths can cause anything from gum recession to gingivitis all the way to massive, painful infections or even silent infections. A silent infection is when you may not have pain in a particular tooth or gum but throughout your body, you may have symptoms that you think are manifesting somewhere else when in fact those symptoms come from the infection inside your mouth that you can’t feel or see. These infections usually come from root canals or cavitations which are dead areas where no blood flows and there is no enzymatic activity present to deal with the bad guys that make their home there. The bad guys proliferate unchecked and can wreak havoc on our overall health. Mercury is another toxin that many people still have in their mouths. Just chewing can cause mercury vapors to be released in a person’s mouth and travel throughout their body. Root Canals, Cavitations and Mercury are entire blog posts in themselves so I will not say more here since this is about oil pulling.

My Oral Health Background

3 months after I had my first son (who is now almost 11), I had two root canals in my upper back molars. Within 9 months of those “routine” root canals, I started having my first Hashimotos symptoms. My environment growing up was perfect for bringing on autoimmunity but these root canals were the procedure that triggered these mutated genes to turn on for me.

Over the years, as I have continued to learn more and more about healing and holistically addressing the body and the root causes I have paid more attention to my oral health. In fact, this month my husband and I will be going to see a biological dentist so that I can get those root canals removed and he can get mercury removed, a root canal removed and his wisdom teeth cavitations cleaned out. We both have learned so much about how much these types of dental work can cause silent infections and cause the onset of diseases, even cancer, and so we would obviously like to prevent that and I would like to have some more improvement with my Hashimotos. I’ll keep you posted on how all of that goes!

In light of what we have learned as well as my upcoming dental appointments, I have been oil pulling since the beginning of the year.  Oil pulling is quite a simple regimen to incorporate into your daily hygiene routine that can give BIG benefits to your overall health.

The goal of oil pulling is to pull or kill the bad bacteria and toxins out of your mouth and detox your mouth to help provide balance so the good bacteria get the upper hand. If you have mercury, gum recession or demineralized teeth then oil pulling can help detox the mercury vapors, rebuild gums (because the bad bacteria hindering gum health are dying) and coconut oil pulling can help remineralize teeth. It also helps freshen breath, prevents cavities and whitens teeth.

Of course, as with any health regimen, it is always multi-faceted. In other words, just oil pulling will help your oral health but doing that in addition to reducing or eliminating sugars, gently flossing regularly or water-piking and eating nutrient dense food will greatly help your oral health.

Premium Oil Pulling

Here’s why I call my kind of oil pulling premium. I don’t just use coconut oil. I add our favorite therapeutic essential oils to the organic coconut oil. Although coconut oil is quite powerful in itself, the addition of doTERRA Clove and/or Frankincense essential oil adds a power-packed punch in removing excess toxins, boosting the immune system and reducing bad bacteria. As I mention in my classes and my newsletters, clove is an herb that God gave us that is the second highest on the ORAC scale. That means it has the second highest antioxidant value – 30x more potent than blueberries! doTERRA Clove oil can also eliminate tooth discomfort and it has potent natural properties that can support optimal oral health. Adding it to your coconut oil pulling regimen is very beneficial.

The other oil I use is doTERRA Frankincense. As with clove oil, it supports optimal oral and helps to prevent tooth decay. This King of Oils boosts the immune system like no other and helps to put our bodies in balance. The addition of Frankincense not only affects the oral cavity but because oils absorb into your body no matter how you use them (aromatically, topically or internally) added benefits to your entire person come from using essential oils. *Side note – I also use this antiaging oil on my skin care regimen every day. It truly is amazing.

You should not just use store bought essential oils as they are not tested for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, molds and funguses. If you ingest those oils they can be hazardous because you are getting concentrated levels of those toxins. Instead, by using doTERRA Essential Oils you can be sure that there will be zero toxins because every single lot of oils is tested rigorously and multiple times, even by a third party. It’s very important friends! Only use our beyond organic essential oils for the safest most effective results.

How to Premium Oil Pull

Here’s how I do my premium oil pulling each morning.

I have a glass jar (actually a re-purposed ghee jar) on my bathroom counter and it is filled with my favorite organic coconut oil. I also have a small stainless steel spoon next to that (about a tsp. in size.) I keep my doTERRA Clove Oil and doTERRA Frankincense Oil in my bathroom since I use them mostly in or with my toiletries.

Every morning, when I first wake up, I put about 1 tsp. of coconut oil on my spoon and then on top of that I place one or two drops of essential oil. It may be a mix of clove and frankincense or one or the other.

I place the oil in my mouth and start gently swishing. I continue to swish for about 15-20 minutes which means I shower while I am swishing and even get dressed while I am swishing.

After that time I spit the oils out of my mouth into a bag lined trash can. *DON’T spit it down your drain! You will clog it. When I am done I brush my teeth as usual.

My teeth feel smoother and cleaner throughout the day than when I don’t oil pull and I love that feeling.

Here and there I do take a few days off using clove oil in my mouth, I have no problem with it but I like to give my mouth a break. When I do that I will add peppermint to the coconut oil instead.

Start Slow!

When I first started to oil pull I tried to do 15 minutes. For the rest of the day I had a headache and didn’t feel quite right. That’s because the oil pulling was doing it’s job – detox! When you detox too quickly you can have unwanted, uncomfortable side effects. If you haven’t oil pulled before, you’ll want to start with 2-3 minutes. From that you’ll work up each day maybe a minute or two depending on how your doing. Eventually, you will be oil pulling for 15-20 minutes.

Added Bonus

For me, there’s an added bonus to oil pulling in the morning. Because I can’t talk, I can’t answer my kids myriad of questions like what are we having for breakfast? What are we having for lunch? When is breakfast going to be ready? Etc….. It’s nice! They know if I am swishing, I can’t talk.

If you want to learn more about how oral health affects autoimmunity you can follow my Pinterest board.

Maybe you want to try adding Premium Oil Pulling to your daily health regimen? It’s quite simple with prolonged health benefits!

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