Are You Poisoning Yourself Unknowingly?

My review of the book Food Forensics by Mike Adams, aka The Food Ranger

“The cost of allowing your body and brain to be systematically poisoned is enormous: increased risks of disease, deteriorating quality of life, increased medical costs, loss of cognitive function, and much more.” (Adams, Food Forensics 201)

>>> Did you know “popular ginkgo herbs grown in China contained a whopping 5 parts per million (ppm) of toxic lead” (Adams, Food Forensics ix)

>>> Did you know 400 parts per billion of lead have been found in cacao powders? (Adams, Food Forensics xi)

>>> “…nearly 100 percent of the rice protein used by all vegan protein manufacturers in the United States is fully aware that their product contains high concentrations of toxic lead, cadmium, tungsten and mercury.” (Adams, Food Forensics xiii)

>>> “FD&C Red No. 40 is created with the use of dye-processing intermediate p-Cresidine, which has caused urinary bladder cancer, nasal cancer, and liver cancer…. and also produces allergenic effects.” (Adams, Food Forensics, 151)

>>> “A five gram dose of TBHQ is known to be fatal.” (Adams, Food Forensics 163)

>>> “The toxin, sodium nitrite, a common meat preservative that prevents botulism, had previously been shown to be a quick-acting and low-residue toxicant for feral pigs in Australia and has since been patented.” (Adams, Food Forensics 177)

Food Forensics by Mike Adams, a 368 page book is filled with startling and staggering quotes like what you read above!

I really wanted to read this book but I also really didn’t want to read this book.

Although I am not one to want to remain in the dark and know that being aware of the power of what we put on or in our bodies is vital to our well-being, I knew this book would be challenging to read. Challenging in the mere fact of what it uncovers. After finishing this powerhouse of a book I am one hundred percent glad I read it. Knowledge is truly power and through knowing about food ingredients, contaminants, metals and the USDA, EPA as well as the FDA I can make better informed decision about where our hard earned dollars go and what goes on and in the bodies of myself and my three loved ones.

Who In the World is Mike Adams?

I actually hadn’t heard of Mike Adams until last year when my husband and I watched the entire series The Truth About Cancer. He is known as the Health Ranger and is an outspoken, clean food consumer advocate as well as the director of and ISO accredited analytical science laboratory that conducts testing of commercial food and products for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other chemical contaminants. His goal is to uncover the conspiracy of silence in the food industry. His desire in writing this book is to bring awareness to consumers. His lab is described at and he is also the editor at His website it

Can you trust what it written in his book as fact?

My answer is unequivocally – yes! Here is what he says about his lab, “My laboratory is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) under its global analytical accuracy standard program knows as ISO 17025. This is the gold standard for internationally recognized analytical laboratory accuracy, and it means we operate under a strict set of rules, guidelines, and procedures that are enforced by a third-party audit.” (Adams, Food Forensics xv) Everything he says in his book is backed up by hundreds of footnotes and validation. In fact, a total of 59 pages of his book are dedicated to his sourcing, footnotes and science. What he writes is very valid and extremely important friends!

What You’ll Find in the Book

Part 1

The meat of the book is in part 1. Mike begins his book in Part 1 (after a very enlightening introduction) by talking in depth about what heavy metals are, where they can be found and the harm they can do to our bodies. He goes in depth about Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Aluminum, Copper and Tin. Also in part 1 he dives into what BPA (Bisphenol A) is as well as Hexane and he talks at great length about all different kinds of pesticides.

For instance, Hexane, is a “volatile, flammable petrochemical solvent… found in many types of gasoline including jet fuel.” (Adams, Food Forensics 107) He goes on to say Hexane is used to extract oil from soybeans, canola plants and corn. These solvent treated foods are found in thousands of products lining the store shelves like chocolate, cereals, soups, protein bars, meal replacement shakes, breads, margarine and more. “Soy is by far the biggest potential dietary source of hexane.” (Adams, Food Forensics 109)

In part 1 Mike also goes into depth on Aspartame, MSG, Artificial Colors, Chemical Preservatives like Sodium Benzoate, Parabens,TBHQ, Propyl Gallate and Sulfites. He doesn’t just say what these toxins are, he shares where they come from, how they are derived, why they devastate our bodies and how to avoid them. This section continues by revealing the danger with emulsifiers and thickening agents like Carageenan, Soy Lecithin, Polysorbate 80, Nitrites and more. Lastly, in part 1 Adams discusses the chemical alteration of food like homogenizing food and the danger in animal feed contaminants when it comes to CAFO (concentrated animal feed lots), fish farming and using animal waste from these practices.

Part 2

This is the practical section. It will help you identify toxins lurking in your life, teach you how to avoid them and give you ways to support your body’s natural detoxification abilities. This is a vital section to read that is full of great resources to help you put what you have learned into action!

Part 3

In part 3 of the book Mike Adams shares his scientific analysis on hundreds of foods and products from groceries like organic cucumbers  to avocados and grapes to cereals, teas, spices, sodas, sweeteners, grains, candy bars, chips, soups, seafoods and a whole lot more! Each chart highlights the amounts of heavy metals and lead that were found in the foods. On this website he also has results of his latest testing on foods and products as well as an awesome store where you can purchase very clean, heavy metal and toxin free food and products. I highly recommend it!

What I love about the book

  • It informs and educates in layman’s terms and is easy to understand.
  • It opened my eyes even more to the fact that even organic foods we need to be aware of.
  • It has lots and lots of scientific backup and can be fact checked.
  • It teaches ways to eliminate these harmful contaminants from our bodies if ingested.
  • It teaches ways to avoid the toxins and poisons that are so prevalent in our world today.
  • The many resources given throughout the book to be able buy smart

Don’t Be Scared

You really don’t need to be scared of this book. Instead, look at it as an education. We cannot turn a blind eye to things like this because it will affect generations to come in the health of their bodies. Through knowledge and action we can make a change so that we have options to purchase products that are safe to ingest and foods that are nourishing to our bodies. We can vote with our dollars and we should but the very first step is KNOWING what is going on and how and where to make a change.

I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts if you read the book!

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