Paleo Pumpkin Pie Apple Spread

Topping foods with luscious spreads makes eating all the more fun ~ and tasty! I used to love nut butters and even seed butters but since my lifestyle change I have realized I am not able to eat nuts and I can only have seeds in moderation and only if I am feeling really good. I have to say butters, dips and spreads I have come to miss. Slowly I have been developing some of my own dips and spreads that satisfy the craving though. My Paleo Pumpkin Pie Apple Spread does not disappoint and it’s quick and easy to make. With our busy life I love quick and easy recipes.

One of the things I love about this spread is that even though it is sweet it still has a lot of healthy fat to help metabolize the little bit of unrefined coconut sugar that’s in it. With the fiber in the apples and the good fat in the spread you’ll be sure not to have a blood sugar spike.


Another important ingredient in this spread is the REAL pumpkin! There is nothing artificial here, only real food. The kind of food that makes a positive deposit in your health bank account rather than a withdrawal. In our family that is the kind of food we try to eat all the time. We want to continue to promote healing rather than hinder it. Spreading your apples or bananas with this sweet spread with comforting fall spices will make you feel like you’re indulging!

Let’s Talk About Ingredients

Have you ever heard of coconut manna or coconut butter? It’s such a versatile ingredient and is the base of this spread. I love this brand because it’s high quality and tested to be pure and free of Glyphosate.

I also use the same brand of palm shortening because this is a company I can trust. By the way, palm shortening is NOT the same as Crisco and never will be. Palm shortening is natural, not synthetic and is not hydrogenated.

I prefer to use organic, canned pumpkin in this recipe because fresh tends to have too much moisture and a bit different texture. You can get that at any natural foods store.

For those who are following AIP it is important to find a vanilla that doesn’t have an alcohol base. Again, you can find that at any natural foods store near you or you can get it here.

I purchase my coconut sugar at a variety of places and it can even be found in main stream grocery stores with a natural foods section now. This is a great one to try if you prefer to order things online like I do.

Buying spices organically can be a benefit since they are not going to be irradiated if they are organic. As much as possible I try to buy my spices that are organic. Sometimes I like to grow my own and dehydrate them too.


Paleo Pumpkin Pie Apple Spread
Recipe type: Snack or Dessert
A creamy, slightly sweet spread full of real pumpkin and warm comforting fall spices. You will think you're eating pumpkin pie on an apple slice!
  • ½ C. Organic Coconut Butter, softened
  • 1 Tlbs. Glyphosate Free Palm Shortening, softened
  • 2 Tsp. Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • ½ Tsp. Organic Vanilla Extract
  • 1.5 Tlbs. Organic Coconut Sugar
  • Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt
  • 2 (heaping) Tlbs. Real Organic Pumpkin (canned preferable for texture)
  1. Place the softened coconut butter and palm shortening in a small, heat proof mixing bowl. Mix them both together until there are no lumps. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir until all is combined.
  2. Serve room temperature with apples and/ or bananas.
This can be stored in the refrigerator up to one week (if you don't eat it first).
If it's been in the fridge, you'll need to let it come to room temperature before serving it. You can warm it a bit to bring it to a spreadable consistency again.
This recipe can be doubled or even tripled for a crowd!


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