Soccer Themed Birthday Party

Our youngest son requested a soccer themed birthday party for his fifth birthday. He had never had a friends birthday before so we thought this would be a wonderful theme for a birthday party with friends. He was looking forward to it so much and we were excited to...

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Most people have heard of Angry birds these days and for quite a while they were quit the craze in our household. Even with video game time that must be purchased and video game time being limited, each of my boys loved to play this game when the chance arose. With...

A Veggie Tales Birthday Party

I told you the other day that I would post another one of my favorite birthdays and I am keeping my promise! When my son turned 3 he was really into Veggie Tales.  You know, Bob the tomato, Larry the cucumber, Junior Asparagus and Larry boy.  I figured that I would...

My Luau Birthday Party

All these birthdays got me thinking about two birthday parties that were really special and fun to me. One of them was thrown as a milestone party for me; an amazing luau party I am going to tell you about in this post. The other one I am going to tell you about in a...

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