The winner is AIMEE B.

Merry Christmas to you!

Here at Feasting On Joy we love our essential oils and use them everyday and we love handmade items like these dryer balls. We thought it would be fun to gift someone a set of one of our favorite essential oil tools that leaves your laundry smelling glorious and is environmentally safe as well as healthy for your body.

What’s a dryer ball?

A dryer ball is a non-toxic substitute for carcinogenic, storebought dryer sheets. Did you know dryer sheets actually coat your clothes with a layer of chemicals? Then, you walk around breathing them all day long and some can absorb into your skin. Uh, no thanks! These fun little balls have no chemicals whatsoever. They are made of 100% pure wool only. Dryer balls help reduce static and by the addition of essential oil drops to each ball that you drop in your laundry load you can customize the scent that your clothes will take on. They are wonderful!

What Are You Gifting to the Winner?

For a special Christmas gift we are giving away one set of 3 handmade dryer balls along with one bottle of our favorite doTERRA Essential Oil of your choice (either our favorite citrus blend or lemon.)

What do I Need to do to Enter?

In order to be entered to win these gifts you need to do all or some of the following things – the more you do the more points you get and the better your chances of winning:

  • Like Feasting On Joy’s Facebook Page (1 point)
  • Follow Feasting On Joy on Pinterest (1 point)
  • Subscribe to Feasting On Joy to get the latest posts when they come out – Be sure to tell me you did in the comments. (2 points)
  • Email Feasting On Joy to say what you like on the website and/or what you would like to see on the website. (2 points)
  • Enroll with Feasting On Joy Oils to be able to receive 25% off all oils you purchase through us. (10 points)
  • Comment at the bottom of this post answering why you would like to win and what items (above) you have done to win. (1 point)

Points will be tallied and verified on December 16th for each person who entered. Those names with the highest points will be thrown into a hat and one of my precious boys will pick a name! {Limited to those living in the United States only.}

When Will I Know if I Won?

This will be open and entries will be received between November 27th – December 16, 2015. It will close at 9pm (Mountain Time) on December 16, 2015. Feasting on Joy will post the winner on our Facebook Page on December 17th. If we don’t hear from the winner in a Facebook or email response within 24 hours another winner will be chosen.

Handmade Dryer Ball Giveaway 2

Enjoy this time of the year with friends and family! Diffuse some therapeutic, wonderful smelling oils and grab a cup of spiced hot cocoa with a friend. Best of all have clean smelling laundry that will help your health not hinder it!

{*Limited to those living in the United States only.}

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  1. Liked, signed up for email & going to Pinterest next!!

  2. I would love to try out these dryer balls. I am new to oils and this seems like a fantastic use of oils.
    I follow you on Pintrest and Facebook and subscribed for blog updates.


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