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Are you overwhelmed with all the natural options out there? What about with essential oils? Are you overwhelmed with where to start?

It can be overwhelming but that’s where we come in. We want to help you begin. We want to help you take that first step and then, like a beginning reader, we will guide you, educate you and support you to give you proficiency in all things essential oils!

When we sought out essential oils we were in the same boat you are. Where to start was a problem we had to solve. We invited a sweet couple into our home teach us the ropes and get us started.

My husband was a bit skeptical but at that point, since I was at my sickest, he was willing to try anything. We ordered the Home Essentials Kit and got it the following week and immediately started using the oils. We were hooked right away! When I say WE, I really mean WE. Actually, my husband was the one continually going to the book to learn how to use the oils for everything in our lives from thyroid support, to joint health all the way to children’s tummies, digestion, sleep and tension. Over time we worked with in tandem and our lives have been positively impacted ever since!


They worked! They were so effective and from that point forward there was no turning back for us. These became the icing on the cake to the lifestyle changes we were already making like getting proper nutrition and ditching refined sugar, getting rid of all toxins in our home, learning to rest and detox and getting proper sleep. We praise God for these oils. They truly are the gift of the earth! {Did you know that’s what doTERRA means?}

All about Science and Education

We chose to bring doTERRA into our home for several reasons I want to outline for you.

  • They don’t use any brokers, no middle man, etc. They have direct contact with the farmers and distillers to ensure the highest quality essential oils for their users.The superior chemistry of these oils are like no other.
  • To further ensure the purist oil is being sold, they do 7 different tests on every single lot of oil. Sometimes they use up to 14 different scientific tests to determine potency, purity and that the oils are therapeutic grade. This means they won’t have contaminants like pesticides, GMO’s, herbicides, molds, funguses, filler oils or any synthetic chemicals.
  • doTERRA also does third party testing on their oils with an independent lab. That’s very important!
  • doTERRA is also transparent! As of November 2016, they will share their GC/MS results on every lot of oil WITH their consumers.
  • doTERRA grows all their plants indigenous and where they grow best! This is vital to enjoying the best, beyond organic essential oil. We can’t grow Melissa oil (well) in the States but it grows the most pure and potent in it’s native environment – of Bulgaria.

More Than Oils

Apart from using doTERRA Essential oils every day in our lives we also love doTERRA products. One in particular that my husband has used and seen excellent results with is Life Long Vitality. These whole food vitamins with essential oils are a must have. They are used everyday in our family and have reduced aches and pains, joint inflammation, and eased tension. When my husband started taking these he said, “I feel like I am finally getting nourished!” We absolutely love these for promoting great health daily!

For the corporate use of doTERRA International LLC. File distrobution and third party use/sales are restricted.

Since I am a dedicated label reader, I thought you might be too. Would you like to learn more about Life Long Vitality and what is in them? Click here to find out about each bottle, what’s in them and even see a power point presentation about them! *scroll to “more info” on the page and you’ll see the presentation.

Here Are Some Other Excellent Supplements to Try!

Here’s a beneficial short video for you to watch about our safe and clean supplements.


Do You Still Want to Know More?

Yet another aspect my husband and I absolutely love about doTERRA is that they give back. They give back in very tangible ways. The first way is through Co-Impact® Sourcing. 100 different oils are sourced from 40 different countries around the world! Vital to that sourcing are the 18,400 – plus jobs that are supported by this sourcing. doTERRA also has the Healing Hands Foundation which has contributed donation of 3.5 million to co-impact sourcing communities.

I thought you might be interested in some short videos to show you just how powerful Co-Impact® Sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation are.

How We Get our Superior Lemongrass Essential Oil Through Co-Impact® Sourcing.

Healing Hands Foundation Helping Families and Children With Cerebral Palsy


Healing Hands in Guatemala

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