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Essential Oils for Autoimmunity – Immune Stimulating vs. Immune Supporting

**This post and chart have been updated as of November 2017 to include 12 new oils and state which part of the body is stimulated when an oil is used.

Do you use essential oils? I certainly hope so! Do you have autoimmunity? Well, I hope you don’t but since you’re here it’s safe to assume you or someone else you know might. If you are an oil user, it is vital to understand the difference between an immune stimulating essential oil verses an immune supporting essential oil if you have autoimmunity.

What is Autoimmunity?

Autoimmune issues caused chronic and increased inflammation in the body.  Areas of the body are actually being attacked and damaged by your own cells. Autoimmune conditions trick your body into thinking that your organ tissue is actually a foreign pathogen that needs to be attacked and killed. When this process happens is causes inflammation. Chronic Inflammation. If the fire is not quenched, then the chronic inflammation can cause a whole host of symptoms that build one on top of another and sometimes eventually cause multiple autoimmune conditions. The goal in healing or remitting autoimmunity is to find the root cause of the inflammation and put out the inflammatory fire.

Putting the chronic autoimmune fire out is a multi-faceted process through many lifestyle changes and diet changes. A supporting factor in extinguishing inflammation from autoimmunity can be the use of essential oils.

An Immune Stimulant verses an Immune Supporter

Consider that anything you put on or in your body has the potential to ignite inflammation or cool inflammation. That’s why it’s important to know and understand the difference between an immune stimulating oil and an immune supporting oil.

Since autoimmunity is an immune response in our body which causes damage to an organ/tissue then it’s likely you won’t want to flare up that immune response by something that you put on your body. An immune stimulating essential oil could re-kindle the flame. An immune supporting oil can cool the fire as well as help to balance and support our immune system.



  • an agent that stimulates the immune system
  • induces an immune response
  • immuno-stimulants can lead to a non-specific stimulation of the immune defense system
  • can cause autoimmune symptoms to flare up
  • possibly puts immune system in overdrive

Immune Supporter

  • normalizes autoimmune response
  • balances immune system
  • boosts immune system

Most essential oils either stimulate or support and it’s a really great idea to get educated on which oils do what. At the end of this post I have included a free chart for you to download that you can print and will tell you which oils are stimulating and which are supporting.

Essential Oils for Autoimmunity Immune Stimulating vs Immune Supporting 2 | Feasting On Joy

Free printable download of this chart at the bottom of the post.

Important Points to Know About Immune Stimulating Essential Oils

  • If an essential oil is immune stimulating, you may still be able to use it. Every person’s body chemistry is different even within the realm of autoimmunity, For instance, if you have Hashimotos like I do, you may be able to use a certain immune stimulating oil that I can’t and notice positive effects. We are all different.
  • Just because it’s immune stimulating doesn’t mean for those with autoimmunity it’s one you can’t or should never use.
  • It’s important to know what part of the immune system that the essential oil stimulates. For instance, I know that I should not be using an endocrine stimulating oil consistently, long term because it is possible for it to ramp up my immune system and cause an autoimmune flare.
  • For certain immune system threats, not related to autoimmunity, it is important to know that using an immune stimulating oil may cause prolonged symptoms and or turn the threat into another different immune threat.
  • Bottom line is don’t be scared of immune stimulating oils, be educated about them and use them with knowledge and understanding. They can be wonderful!

Example of How I Would Use an Immune Stimulating Oil

Even with Hashimotos I use and enjoy immune stimulating oils. However, I use them with caution and don’t go crazy with them. In the event of a bug that is going around our house, often a certain immune stimulating oil is right for the job. For me personally, I know that I can use that stimulating oil for a short time, in less amounts than others in my family, and still benefit from the therapeutic properties that it has. I also know that if I use that particular oil consistently everyday for more than four days that I start noticing some of my autoimmune symptoms coming back slightly. Due to my knowledge of which oil does what, I am able to switch to another oil that is immune supporting but may still have the same anti-bacterial, anti-viral constituents and not flare my immune system. The alternative to using the immune stimulating oil in the first place is that I can just start with using the immune supporting essential oil instead.

Word of caution: Essential Oil blends have many different oils in them. If the oils listed in the particular blend you want to use are on the immune stimulant list in this chart then that oil blend will be immune stimulating. You can still use it, just follow the same precautions with the knowledge that it is an immune stimulator.

Essential Oil Education is VITAL

Don’t use oils without proper education, please. They are very powerful and can produce amazing positive affects in your life. However, if used incorrectly and without understanding they can cause adverse reactions.

We at FeastingOnJoy Oils, teach, mentor and provide that education! Here are the classes we offer.

What You Get When You Join FeastingOnJoy Oils Family

The chart you are about to download below has been absolutely fundamental in the way I use oils for autoimmunity. I refer to it all the time and absolutely love the difference it makes in my life having this as a reference! I know you’ll love it too.

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Keep Your Chart Handy

Once you print your chart out, you’ll want to keep it handy. It’s a great reference for you to use when you are trying to decide which essential oil to use for a particular issue. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Essential Oils for Autoimmunity Immune Stimulating vs Immune Supporting LP | Feasting On Joy

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  1. I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (TSH is still in normal range but the antibodies are through the roof) and possible Addison’s. I also have a lot of inflammation in my legs and more and more spider veins appearing on my right leg, but not my left. Can I use DDR Prime to treat any or all of these problems? I have the gel tabs but taking them internally gives me horrible heartburn. I have tried a few times but it’s the same result every time. If I open the gel caps, can I apply it on my body part that is troublesome?? Or on bottom of my feet?

    • Jennifer

      Hello Lesley, I am sorry you are dealing with high antibodies. Be encouraged that they can come down! When they are high they can cause many, many symptoms. I would recommend reading my health journey to read my story and learn ways you can reduce your antibodies. You’ll also want to read My Top 7 Treatments That put my Antibodies in Normal Range post. Unfortunately, when it comes to oils, I do not make specific individual recommendations. I always recommend talking to your physician(s).

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. You are an amazing woman! Thank you so much for your wonderful post

    • Jennifer

      Hi Cecily,
      Thank you so much for the kind words! You’re welcome for this post 🙂 Blessings, Jennifer

  4. Hi . What about nutmeg and different types of eucalyptus?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Jill,
      At the time I created this helpful sheet I only documented what oils doTERRA distilled at the time. Eventually I will do an updated version. Blessings, Jennifer

  5. I don’t see Tea tree oil on your chart-Is it one to avoid if you have Autoimmune Disorder such as Hashimotos and/or PANDAS/PANS?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Donna, Melaleuca is Tea Tree Essential Oil. It is on the immune stimulating side of the chart. Also, please know that the immune stimulating oils aren’t necessarily ones to avoid due to autoimmunity rather used with caution and intermittently as for some people they can increase an autoimmune flare. I still use all of the oils on the left – immune stimulating side – just in great moderation and only when is necessary.

  6. Thank you for the chart. I am always trying to find that information and now it will be easy to use.

    • Jennifer

      You are VERY welcome!


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