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DIY Holy Anointing Oil

The practice anointing with oil has been around since Biblical times. It can be a rich and beneficial practice to include in your holistic life. The recipe is simple and meaningful and can provide added benefits to your faith, health and home.

The Sacred Link to the Holy Anointing Oil

Holy anointing oil in Bible times was used to cleanse the area around animal sacrifices as well as cleanse sin and declare God’s chosen vessel – like Kind David. Symbolically, it was used to indicate being sanctified or set apart for the purpose of God and it frequently refers to the Holy Spirit in the Word.

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Additionally, in James 5:14, James referred to the anointing oil to help the sick. Mark talks about healing in Mark 6:13 as well.

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It was also used for treating wounds as stated in Luke 10:34.

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In Biblical times anointing with oil carried with it a measure of honor as well as holiness.

The Practice of Anointing With Oil Today

In our current culture, the practice of making a holy anointing oil and using it is not well known. Although it is read about in the Bible, often the perspective is that’s it’s an old practice and just not something we do today. However, this waning practice is still around and has a profound connection to our spirituality and belief in God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. Using the holy anointing oil in our daily lives is something that can still be done today in our culture with deep spiritual benefits.

Holy Anointing Oil Recipe Given By God

In Exodus 30:22-25, when God was talking to Moses on Mt. Sinai giving him all the laws and covenants, He spoke to Moses about the recipe for the Holy Anointing Oil.

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To sum it up the recipe calls for 500 Shekels each of Myrrh and Cassia, 250 Shekels of Cinnamon and 250 Shekels of Cane which is also known as Calamus. All those oils were to be added to one hin olive oil as the carrier oil.

500 Shekels is equivalent to 12 pounds, 250 Shekels is equivalent to 6 pounds and 1 Hin is equal to 1 gallon. In total that would mean 24 pounds of oil to one gallon of olive oil. We have to remember that when God passed this recipe down to Moses he was overseeing over one million Israelites and so making up this oil had to serve a lot of people. It’s fascinating!

You Won’t Use Pounds of Oil for Your DIY Holy Anointing Oil

Since you won’t be making anointing oil for millions, it’s safe to say we will be using drops of oil rather than pounds. Is that ok with you?

Instead, I will be breaking this blend down into a ratio to make it accessible for personal use. By following the recipe above, it can be translated to 6 parts carrier oil to one part essential oil. Further broken down 6 drops of essential oil to 1-ounce carrier oil. See below for the exact recipe.

Does the Holy Anointing Oil Heal?

Before we move on to the recipe for the Holy Anointing Oil that you can make, I wanted to be sure we are on the same page.

God, Jehovah Rapha, is our Ultimate Healer. He doesn’t need anyone or anything to perform the act of healing or cleansing. In the Old Testament times, when Moses was given this recipe by God, the Israelites were still living under the law. They needed to follow the law and its practices to be sanctified. The good news, is that we, in our current day, do not live under the law because of Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to cleanse us from our sins. He is the Ultimate Sacrifice which allows us not to have to live under the law. If we believe in Jesus and His death and resurrection on the cross then our sins are cleansed and we live righteously before God.

Due to Jesus’ sacrifice, we don’t need anointing oil or essential oils to be cleansed, sanctified and healed. Today, since we as believers are not under OT law, the act of using the anointing oil is, as I stated in the beginning, more of a symbolic act of inviting the Holy Spirit in and calling upon Jesus as our healer to do His mighty work.

DIY Holy Anointing Oil Recipe

I mentioned above that Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia and Calamus are the oils in the Holy Anointing Oil blend. Today, we have access to all those oils but I wanted to talk to you about Calamus oil for a second. Calamus is not as readily available of an oil so I wanted to offer some oils you can substitute in your own Holy Anointing Oil. For Calamus you can substitute lemongrass, ginger, jasmine, or sandalwood. Each of these does have a different chemistry profile than Calamus but there are some similarities. Since Calamus essential oil is known for it’s potent insecticidal properties, I am going to substitute it with Lemongrass which is also known for the same properties.

DIY Holy Anointing Oil 2 | Feasting On Joy

Oils Uses and Oil Benefits


A great analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antiparasitic, anticatarrhal and known for its anti-infectious properties. It can help uplift the mind, nourish and rejuvenate the skin and has potent antioxidant abilities. Myrrh oil is excellent for use to improve gum health and of course, was a gift presented to baby Jesus from the Magi. This powerful essential oil can also help support good sleep patterns, help with wound soothing (1) and has been found to be inhibitory on five tumor cell lines helping to induce apoptosis.(2)


Is excellent to use to cleanse the air, help kill molds and boost the immune system. It can aid in good circulation, be a great digestive support aid, boost energy help improve blood sugar stability. It is antimicrobial, it great for heart health and helps to combat oxidative stress with its antioxidant capabilities. (3)


A very spicy and stimulating essential oil with similarities to cinnamon. It helps to promote a healthy immune system as well as promote optimal blood sugar levels and quell cravings. It is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal as has been found to help reduce atherosclerotic plaque. (4)


An antifungal, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and analgesic oil which helps for aiding in good skin health. It is also a great deodorizer and can help aid in fever reduction. Lemongrass is highly antibacterial in nature too.(5)

DIY Holy Anointing Oil Recipe

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in the glass bottle. Shake gently to distribute.

**Warning: this essential oil blend is not safe to use when pregnant. Please see Feasting On Joy’s Health Disclaimer for our policies.

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How to Use Your DIY Holy Anointing Oil

There are a variety of uses for your Holy Anointing Oil.

  • Use it when you purchase a new home to invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in each space. Pray over the oil and then gently rub drops of the oil blend on the doorframes while saying a prayer to sanctify your home.
  • During a rite of passage or a coming of age ceremony, you can anoint the person coming of age while praying for God to dwell richly in their life asking for God’s grace and mercy on them.
  • Give it to a friend or family member who is about to embark on a long physical, emotional or mental journey. Pray over the oil before you give it to the person and offer them instructions on what it is and how to use it. It is meaningful to pray with them and use it the first time together.
  • Offer it as a gift to a friend or family member who is struggling in their life. Pray with the person and over the oil and gently rub it on their feets and wrists as well as apply a drop or two on the crown of the head.
  • Give a bottle to the elders at your church explaining what it’s made of. Ask them to pray over it with you and use it on anyone they feel God leading them to use it on.
  • Bring it to a last rite or someone who is at the end of their life. Pray over them as well as the oil and anoint them with it while asking God to bless their lives and give them His Ultimate comfort during the time.
  • Before or after a baptism, you can apply it to the person who got baptized. Pray and ask the Lord to work in the person’s life and put a hedge of safety around them for the rest of their life.

It’s Time to DIY Your Own Holy Anointing Oil

Now that you know the Biblical history and significance of God’s Holy Anointing oil as well as the recipe and ways to use it, are you going to make some for yourself? Let me know if you do. I’d love to hear the ways you are using it in your life.

DIY Holy Anointing Oil | Feasting On Joy

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. 

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  1. I use anointing oils after reading Psalm 91 out loud when anointing homes Psalm 91 rebukes the spirit of deceiver of authority and anointing Psalm 91 protects you as you rebuke any spirit that does not glorify Jesus Christ as you put a smidge of oil over every window,door or any opening coming into you home, including fireplaces , that may be an opening to your home. Take authority over deceiving sprits and cast out in the name of Jesus. Very powerful Psalm 91 protects the anointing person from harm. I would never anoint any other way To God be the glory

    • Jennifer

      Hi Steve, Thank you for sharing how you use your anointing oil. That’s powerful! I also LOVE Psalm 91. We will be moving soon and plan to anoint our new home in this way. Amen – to God be the glory!

  2. Great post. I will be trying out the recipe above. I am very much into my essential oils.

    • Jennifer

      Thank you Kelly! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.


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