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The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {107 Ideas!}

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Do you have someone in your life who deals with chronic illness? Do you have a friend or family member who is striving to live a healthier life and be more well-rounded in diet and lifestyle? If so, I have a colossal gift guide that will give you the perfect gift ideas for that person. Right now it has 108 ideas on it but I plan to keep it growing. My goal is for it to be a one-stop shop for you to get ideas for gift giving to that special person.

I personally, have used or experienced the ideas on this list and can say with passion that, while conquering Hashimotos, these have all been excellent additions to my life. I would have gladly received any of the items on this colossal list for a gift! Peruse the list and bless a friend or family member for their birthday, holiday or just because you want to.

Table of Contents:

  1. Spiritual Healing
  2. Healthy Reading
  3. Relaxation
  4. Cookbooks
  5. Organic Food Resources
  6. Food Prep & Kitchen Tools
  7. Food & Drink Storage
  8. Detox & Cleaning
  9. Summits & Healing Programs for Autoimmunity
  10. Supplement Resources
  11. Health Diagnostic Tools
  12. Miscellaneous

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Spiritual Healing} | Feasting On Joy

Spiritual Healing

Bible  This is the study Bible I read every day and love. The notes have provided some excellent insight for me.

Journable  I absolutely love these books for Scripture Writing. I strongly recommend the two volumes on Psalms.

Gel Pens for Journaling We all need fun pens for Scripture writing. All the colors make a pretty page to look at.

Frankincense The king of oils! This, along with Myrrh, is the perfect oil to diffuse during a Bible study.

Myrrh What a perfect oil to diffuse while focusing on Jesus!

Diffuser I love to set a diffuser on the table right next to my chair during my quiet times. It starts my day off right!

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Healthy Reading} | Feasting On Joy

Health Books

Wahls Protocol If you have MS or any other autoimmune condition, this book is a wonderful guide to why and how to get more vegetables in your life and remit your symptoms.

The Autoimmune Solution For anyone with any kind of autoimmunity or chronic illness. This book shines because it is simple to read, yet packed with applicable steps to take to remit symptoms.

Healing ADD For anyone with attention problems, I strongly recommend this book. It helped me understand more about how the brain works as well as root causes of ADD. It also addresses many natural protocols to take to help someone with ADD or ADHD or even depression, bipolar disorder and more.

The Mood Cure For any woman (or man) out there, this is a great resource for a book. There are so many natural ways to help moods and mood disorders that anyone suffering with them will love to get this book as a gift.

GAPS This book singlehandedly changed my life. (Well really God did but this is the book He led me too.) If a person you know has leaky gut, Thyroid problems, autism or general toxic overload, this is a great book.

Vegetarianism Explained: Make an Informed Decision Is someone you love considering becoming a vegetarian? If so, this would be the very first book I would give them so they can make an informed decision.

Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests are Normal? If you need to know anything about Hypothyroidism or Hashimotos you will find it in Dr. K’s book. It’s a great reference guide.

Hashimotos Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause Izabella Wentz knows and shares a lot about Hashimotos through various means. Her books are one way to help to anyone who is struggling with this type of autoimmunity. It will help answer many questions as well as educate about how the body works and what it needs to heal.

The Thyroid Connection Dr. Amy Myers has done it again. Much like her first book above, this is a comprehensive guide all about the Thyroid. She really knows what she’s talking about and has treated thousands of patients successfully. Her expertise is printed so well in this book. Consider this a great “how-to” book for someone with thyroid problems.

Food Forensics If you ever want to know what those ingredients in your packaged food really are or if your supplements might have metals in them, or if you want to know what ingredients to avoid to have optimal holistic health then this is a book to keep on hand. I was amazed at what was on and in foods that can harm our health. It was eye opening and helped me form some of the decisions of what I do and don’t allow into our home as well as what we do and don’t spend our hard earned dollars on.

Eat the Yolks I love this book because it dispels the myth that eggs, fat and butter are bad for you. In dives in depth into the China study and helps the reader to understand that these foods are what our body really needs. (*There is some unnecessary language in the book which was disappointing but it has good info nonetheless) 

Hashimotos Protocol This is Izabella’s 90-day plan to help remit Hashimoto’s symptoms and live a thriving life.

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Relaxation} | Feasting On Joy


Amber Glasses I wear these every night when I am in front of a screen to protect my sleep. Blue light can be very disruptive to sleep patterns and sleep hormones and these make a great gift for someone who needs better sleep.

Float Sessions This is a way to help someone relax. They will float in water that has hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt in it which causes deep relaxation. It’s like being in a cocoon with no light or sound for an hour. The body basically has a sensory deprivation which allows it to get fully into that parasympathetic state for healing.

Essential Oil Wholesale account with kit (20% off this month) You know we can’t live without our essential oils around here. They make an amazing gift for someone who wants to live a naturally healthy life. Essential oils can be used for health, cleaning, pets, moods and even for making the home smell amazing. Learn more about the FeastingOnJoy Oils family and our favorite oils here.

Massage Certificate Getting a monthly massage is refreshing and rejuvenating. Time away from the normal routine can be such a blessing. Try and find a masseuse that will allow only coconut oil to be used rather than toxin filled lotions.

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Cookbooks} | Feasting On Joy


I love the recipes in all these books. Rather than write a summary on each one, I suggest reading about them at the links. They are all Paleo and several of them are also Autoimmune Paleo (AIP). It is always a blessing to have a great cookbook around for when the cooking rut happens. New recipes are always fun!

The Healing Kitchen

The Paleo Approach

The Paleo Approach Cookbook

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Against All Grain


Meals Made Simple

Beyond Bacon

Easy Paleo Meals


Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Ready or Not

Nom Nom Paleo

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking

The Paleo Kitchen

Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Organic Food Resources} | Feasting On Joy

Organic Food Resources

Thrive Market Yearly Membership For that friend or family member in your life that wants to buy healthy food but finds it too expensive to buy at their local natural foods store. This is the perfect gift to give because they will be able to get organic, non-gmo food at extremely discounted prices. Thrive Market is truly amazing and their selection is great. Through my link, you will get 25% off their first order plus FREE shipping!

US Wellness Meats Gift Card Finding meat raised in a pasture with no hormones, antibiotics or GMO’s can be hard to find. We absolutely love US Wellness Meats. We especially love their ground pork, hot dogs, & pemmican. Getting a gift card from here can be such a treat.

Tropical Traditions Gift Card For the cook who wants healthy ingredients, specifically coconut oil and coconut products, this is the best place to purchase from. They sustainably harvest and test their products for glyphosate. We also love that their organic coconut oil doesn’t taste like coconut which means we can cook with it for anything and there is no overpowering coconut flavor.

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth When a person doesn’t have enough time to make bone broth, these boxes of Kettle and Fire Bone Broth are perfect to have on hand. Through my link, you will get 20% off your first order!

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Food Prep and Kitchen Tools} | Feasting On Joy

Food Prep & Kitchen Tools

J.A. Henckels Knife Set with Block I couldn’t live without my knife set.

6 Quart Instant Pot or 8 Quart Version The instant pot is a permanent fixture in our home. From making quick broth to steaming sweet potatoes, this gadget saves the day (and time!) Every household seriously needs one of these.

Cast Iron Pan cooking Cast iron is a great way to get the mineral iron into food. These pans are heirlooms and having a small set is a must-have in a whole-food kitchen.

Cast Iron Wok We do a lot of stir fry’s around here and what better to use than a cast iron wok?

Cuisinart 11 Cup Food Processor This appliance saves me so much time in the kitchen. When I need to rice cauliflower or julienne cut carrots, it’s a cinch with this. I couldn’t live without this tool!

Extra Blades for a variety of cuts.

Cuisinart Blade Holder

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Stand mixers are so convenient. Personally, I love to use mine for making cookie doughs as well as grinding fat to render my own lard and to spiralize my veggies (see below)

Kitchen Aid Food Grinder Attachment 

Spiralizer attachment for Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer This is hands down the best spiralizer. I used to own the very popular plastic one and the handle broke off so I cannot recommend it. Instead, I use this robust one and it has so many different ways I can spiralize as well as peel and core apples. It makes a great gift.

Vitamix Blender This is an appliance I use every single day in our home. From smoothies to soups to ice creams, it does it all. Living without a high powered blender is a tragedy! I have owned the same Vitamix for over 22 years!

Cuisinart Immersion Blender I love this gadget for making homemade mayo in two minutes, making cauliflower into mashed potatoes and mixing up tasty salad dressings. This one is also great because the bottom half detaches for easy cleanup.

Silpat We use these to replace tinfoil and to help us not need as much parchment paper. They are easily washable and reusable and fit different size pans.

Stainless Steel Sheet Pans I would be lost without my sheet pans. I make everything from blender bread to sheet pan dinners on them. A set of these is a must-have in a holistic kitchen.

Swissmar Peelers Having the right tools to prep food is imperative. I have used a set of these peelers for over 13 years now. They make peeling a butternut squash a cinch. Peeling carrots or sweet potatoes – not a problem. I also love that I can julienne cut my veggies with one peeler!

Electric Tea Maker I was gifted this for my birthday one year and I love it so much! Making a pot of tea has never been so exciting. It’s great because it has different temperature settings for different types of tea. I use it with tea bags and loose leaf tea and sometimes just for heating water. This makes a wonderful gift for the tea lover.

Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven A kitchen is complete when it has one of these bubbling on the stove with hot soup. Though these are pricey, they become family heirlooms and anything can be cooked in them. It’s really fun to be able to get one in your favorite color.

Zester My zester has been around for over 13 years. It’s nice for zesting citrus fruits for various recipes and I also love it for grating fresh ginger root and turmeric root.

Spoonula Fun, fun, fun for scraping every last bit of batter out of the bowl.

Stainless Steel Popsicle Molds I searched high and low for non-plastic popsicle molds and finally found these beauties. This set even comes with the sticks and can be color coded which makes them lots of fun!

Silicon Cupcake Liners Want easy cleanup? then get a set of these. I could not believe how easy my cupcakes, muffins (or meatloaf cakes) came out of these. Plus, they come in pretty colors. These are a win!

Silicon Gummy Mold Collagen gummies are a mainstay around here. They are easy to make and really fun to put in silicone molds. The flower ones are my favorite and the Lego ones are my boys favorite.

Stainless Pots and Pans Set When we got married we got a set of pans with non-stick coating. After a few years, that coating starting coming off. It was around that time that I was learning how bad that coating is for health. That’s when we decided to switch our pots and pans to all stainless steel. I was reserved at first because I thought they would be harder to clean. Not so at all! I just let them soak for under an hour after we used it and the food comes right off. I strongly recommend giving a set of these to reduce the toxic load in the food that’s eaten.

Stainless Dutch Oven Making soups in this pan is the best. I love that it’s heavy bottom so that nothing burns.

High Sided Stainless Steel Saute Pan In every pan and pot set there should be a high-sided saute pan. I use this pan almost every day for cooking.

Yogurt Maker This is the perfect yogurt maker. What I love is that I can use the cute little glass jars it comes with or I can put an entire quart size ball jar in the yogurt maker for 24-hour fermented yogurt. Fermented foods are excellent to have in a person’s diet who is trying to be healthy.

Juicer During my healing journey I was gifted this juicer and it truly is a gem. It’s high powered and very sturdy. Not only does it juice veggies and fruits but it makes ice cream and nut butters too. This is a great addition to any kitchen.

Dehydrator Dehydrating fruits and veggies is a wonderful way to use up an overload of fruits and vegetables. We also love to make our own fruit roll-ups in the dehydrator and dry our own herbs from our garden.

Smoker I’ve always wanted to try making my own bacon. Plus, we have always loved the taste of smoked meats. This smoker is simple to use and the foods that come out of it are divine.

Fermentation Kit As I mentioned above, fermented foods are a great addition to a healthy diet. This kit is fun because it uses an airlock system and takes a lot of the guesswork out of the fermentation process. It saves you from needing to “burp” your ferments (to let the air out) because it does it for you.

Chemex In trying to reduce the plastic in our home, we purchased this coffee maker. My husband says that it makes the best tasting cup of coffee. We have the muslin and unbleached paper filters and they are great. If someone you know is a coffee lover then they will love the Chemex which helps them make an artisan cup of coffee.

Ice Cream Maker Summer fun! This ice cream maker works overtime during the summer months. We make sorbets and lots of dairy-free ice cream in this puppy. It makes the perfect gift!

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Food and Drink Storage} | Feasting On Joy

Food & Drink Storage

Glass Snapware When we were revamping our lifestyle, this was one of the first things we purchased. We got rid of all our plasticware and replaced it with glass or stainless steel. It’s a great way to remove the toxins from the food you eat.

Lunch Bots food Container My parents gifted me a set of these for my birthday and they have been great. The sections are great because of the different foods they hold.

Food Kozy Wraps These will help replace the plastic bags that things are wrapped in. A couple of these makes a great gift for packing and bringing healthy lunches places.

ReZip Reusable Bags These also help reduce Ziploc bag usage since they are washable and reusable.

Stainless Condiments Containers Along with the lunch bots above, I was gifted a set of these as well. I absolutely love these because they are spill proof!

8 oz. Stainless Food Containers We use these to pack applesauce in or grapes or even hot foods. They are perfect to use for lunches or picnics.

Life Factory Water Bottle Each of us has one of these water bottles and we have a few of the smaller size too. They are durable and won’t always break when dropped. We also like the straw topped version because then we are sure to mitigate spills around here.

Stainless Steel Straws These are the only kind of straws we use around here because they are not made of plastic. I love this set because it comes with a handy straw cleaner too!

Berkey Water Filter Having clean water is so important for good health. With fluoride, heavy metals and other contaminants generally in city water it’s important to have a really good water filter. If you can’t have an entire home filter, this one’s a great one to get.

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Detox and Cleaning} | Feasting On Joy


Detox & Cleaning

DIY Essential Oil Home Cleaning Kit This is a great gift to give because the recipient can literally make all her home cleaners in under one hour. Even better would be to get the kit for your friend or family member and make a cleaning kit for them.

Bath Dechlorinator Soaking in a bathtub full of chlorine is never a good idea. That’s why it’s great to drop in this bath ball that will eliminate the chlorine from the bath water. This is great to travel with too!

Rain Shower Filter Putting one of these on every shower head in the home will drastically reduce the chlorine the body is exposed too. They’re simple to install and last for a long time.

Sunlighten Signature II Far Infrared Sauna with Hypoallergenic Basswood One of our most favorite things we own is our infrared sauna. It’s big enough for two but usually just one of us goes in there. It’s quiet and relaxing and helps the body detox and the lymphatic system to drain. It also helps with gut dysbiosis and any kind of yeast imbalance or infections that someone may be dealing with. Adding one of these to the home is a huge treat. I also love that there’s no moisture so there can be no instance of mold growth.

Dry Brush After I use the sauna, I always dry brush before getting into the shower. This helps further remove the toxins that have come out of the skin through sweating in the sauna.

Enema Kit For someone who deals with constipation or parasitic infections or just wants to have more energy this is a great kit to have. Now, I realize this is not necessarily a glamorous gift but it can still be given discreetly and the recipient, who is trying to feel better, will be grateful.

Complete Castor Oil Kit with Hexane Free Castor Oil and Wrap and hot water bottle The same goes for this gift not being the most appealing gift to give but it can help improve your loved one’s health and overall well being. While it helps to detox the liver and/or kidneys, it also forces the person to spend some down time relaxing.

Squatty Potty This is the section of not so attractive gifts but if you give this one at least you’ll get a good laugh! The squatty potty puts our body in alignment, the way God designed it, to eliminate properly. For anyone who struggles with digestive problems, this tool can be a lifesaver.

Home Cleaners for a quarter or a year Every woman who works and/or has children could always use some help around the house. You can bless your loved one with a month of house cleaning or even a whole year!

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life Summits and Healing Programs for Autoimmunity | Feasting On Joy

Summits & Healing Programs for Autoimmunity

Amy Myers 30 Day Candida Protocol If anyone you know has eczema, psoriasis, suffers from depression or any of the symptoms here, then they will benefit from owning this program. It could help them turn the corner from feeling awful every day to feeling amazing and remitting their symptoms.

The Thyroid Secret I watched this entire docuseries and strongly recommend it to anyone with thyroid issues. You will learn lots of alternative therapies to use as well as hear lots of personal stories of healing. It is a very encouraging series put on by Izabella Wentz

Healing Hashimotos Summit This summit will tell you all you need to know about Hashimotos from prevention to diagnosis and you will also hear a lot of success stories. For anyone with chronic illness, summits can be life-changing!

The Autoimmune Revolution Put on by Dr. Peter Osborne, you will meet many top experts in the autoimmune medical field. You’ll learn diet and lifestyle interventions and how to remit chronic pain and illness. Giving this as a gift could help give your friend or family member their life back.

The Autoimmune Summit This summit is put on by Dr. Amy Myers who is an expert in autoimmunity. She scoured the globe to talk with experts who will help the listener learn all about autoimmunity triggers, genetics, leaky gut and much, much more. There are over 40 hours of video in this one!

The Thyroid Connection Summit Again, this summit is hosted by Dr. Amy Myers and specifically focuses on the thyroid gland. If anyone you know is suffering from thyroid issues they will greatly appreciate this summit as a gift. They can watch it in the comfort of their own home and learn more than they could learn from any one single doctor.

The Hashimotos Institute Four renowned doctors and several other experts will talk about nutrition, holistic options and lifestyle interventions to help prevent or remit Hashimotos symptoms.

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life (Supplement Resources} | Feasting On Joy

Supplement Resources

Amazon Gift Card In this day that we live in everyone is taking one supplement or another. With so many deficiencies of vitamins and minerals around, it’s important for our loved ones to be able to get their hands on good supplements. An Amazon gift card will help them with the cost of these.

Radiant Life Gift Card I like to buy my superfood supplements here because I know they are tested to be heavy metal free. From cod liver oil or krill oil to desiccated liver and super greens, this is the place to go. Getting a gift card for someone to Radiant life can be such a treat.

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Health Diagnostic Tools} | Feasting On Joy

Health Diagnostic Tools

23 & Me Genetic Test During my healing journey, I spent the money to have my genetics tested. It was very informative and eye-opening and helped me put some of the pieces to my puzzle together. If I hadn’t had this done, I never would have known that I have a SNP for MTHFR.

Live Wello Genetic Variance Report from 23andMe Genetic Test If you purchase a 23andMe genetic test then paying Live Wello to interpret the test is very beneficial. It helped me understand which genes and SNP’s do what.

Genetic Genie Methylation Review of 23andMe Test This report also pairs with the 23andMe genetic test. It specifically gives a report of the methylations genes found in the genetic test.

Ulta Lab Tests of Choice It’s no secret that labs can be expensive and getting a doctor to do certain labs can be like pulling teeth. Paying for a person’s lab tests through Ulta Labs can greatly help a person diagnose what is wrong and being their road to healing.

The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life {Miscellaneous} | Feasting On Joy


Dr. Trevor Cates Skincare This is the only skin care system I have found that I actually love and it’s safe for my sensitive skin. Dr. Trevor has it formulated to the superior EU standards rather than to US standards. Only whole ingredients that are derived from nature are in her skincare system and there are absolutely no harmful chemicals. It’s a splurge but really worth it. Plus, the kit lasts a long time.

Essential Oil Purse I was gifted this purse from Got Oil Supplies and it is my favorite purse. Not only does it have a lot of pockets but it has special pockets inside that I can hold my essential oils in! Plus it is beautiful on the outside.

Subscription to Audible Anyone who is striving to live a holistic life usually loves to read. Reading helps relax the mind and being read to even more so! Audible is a yearly subscription service for audio books. Gifting the subscription to audible plus an audiobook or two will be a well-received gift!

What Gifts Did You Choose to Give?

I don’t know about you but I love to give gifts. It is so much fun to bless others with things that they love and will help them in their life. I’d love to know which gifts you chose to bless your friend or family member with. Don’t hesitate to share!
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The Colossal Gift Guide for Living the Best Holistic Life LP | Feasting On Joy

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