Anal Gland Relief Essential Oil Blend

You know it’s happened to you. You’re sitting in your living room enjoying a nice cup of hot tea and a book and all of a sudden you see your favorite pooch slide on by with his bottom rubbing all over your carpet. You jump up and scream at the not so cute dog and then die of embarrassment as you notice that your neighbor who just came to the door saw the whole thing.

Well, maybe that hasn’t happened to you.

How about this? You have company over and the visit is going well. You just settled in the family room after dinner and started a lovely conversation when all of a sudden your dog, who is laying in the middle of everyone, just can’t stop licking his bum! Then you really die of embarrassment because your dog won’t listen to anything you say but it freaking out because of his bum problems.

If you’re a dog owner it’s likely you have been in this position or in one similar.

Guess what? There is something you can do about that nasty embarrassing anal gland problem your dog has!

This started happening with our puppy recently. He is 10 months old and a Goldendoodle so he really looks like a full grown dog which makes it even more gross. The licking just wouldn’t stop. It was driving me crazy. I kid you not, every time my husband and I would lay down in bed and start praying before we went to sleep the licking would start. I actually had to stop the prayer a few times because our dog’s problem was making me gag!

As always, in our home, our go – to for health or fixing an ailment is first food and then essential oils or both in tandem. First, I considered our dog Patriot’s treats. They were full of gluten and grains and very low quality from the bulk section at our local pet store. We didn’t actually buy these but were given them when he completed training. We had been giving these to him more often and trying to keep up on his training. Those were the first thing to go. We feed him premium, gluten free, grain free, whole food so I knew it couldn’t be that.

Next, I researched oils that could help with the irritation that my dog was experiencing around his anal area. It had to be relieved.  I came up with a blend of oils that could soothe the area, reduce the skin irritation and take away the sick smell.

Using oils on animals is a bit of a different ball game than on humans. The main difference being the amount of essential oils that you use. When using essential oils on an animal it is imperative that you consider the size of the animal being helped and that you have properly diluted your oils. This blend is for our dog that was, at the time, 55 pounds. It can be used on smaller dogs but with heavier dilution. That means you are going to add at least 5-10 more drops of fractionated coconut oil to the essential oils than the recipe calls for. A little essential oil goes a long way. Remember, diluting does not affect the efficacy of the oil it just make a smaller amount of oil go farther and it absorbs slower.

Needless to say, since I am posting this wonderful remedy, this blend worked for my dog and got rid of his incessant licking as well as the root problem which was inflammation in his anal glands. Of course, since this blend solved the problem, I wanted to share it and directions on how to use it with my readers.

Remember! You’ll want to use doTERRA Essential oils on yourself or on your animals. If you don’t you could be applying rancid filler oils, heavy metals, concentrated herbicides, pesticides, mold and funguses on your body. Carbon Dating tests are the only way to tell if there are dangerous chemicals in the oils. Most oil companies DON’T do this testing but our favorite oil brand does. Also, If the oil brand does not third party test then you are running the risk of the things mentioned above as well. doTERRA DOES third party test because they only want to sell the highest quality, safest and most pure oil to their consumers.  The goal is to reduce toxins in our bodies (and our animals) not directly apply them! It’s important to consider certain aspects when choosing an essential oil brand.

Click Here to Get the Anal Gland Relief Essential Oil Blend Recipe | Feasting On Joy

Here’s to getting rid of the licking and embarrassing animal moments!


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  1. My dog previously had infected anal glands, took antibiotics and it cleared up.
    Well now he is licking it raw again. Hoping this will help 😕
    We have also tried giving him pumpkin in his food. The vet said the fiber would help.

    • Jennifer

      Hi Sarah, Your poor doggy. Intermittently, in between your applying this recipe, also apply coconut oil to the area and try and keep your dog from licking it. Even if you have to do a soft cone of shame it may help heal the area. Poor guy. I bet this recipe will help. Pumpkin will definitely make a dog’s stools softer and put less pressure on the anal glands. Hope this remedy helps!

  2. I am already a doTerra rep. I love Jesus. Am wife of one grandmother to 7 boys. No girls. Lol. Lover of black lab and every other animal. Need that recipe pls for my lab

  3. Thank you!

    • Jennifer

      You’re welcome Ciara!


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