Full Body sitting by the lakeMy name is Jennifer. I am a lover of Jesus Christ, married for twelve years to my handsome hubby, a homeschooling Mom of two sweet miracle boys and living with autoimmunity (Hashimotos Thyroiditis). I am surrounded by snips and snails and puppy dog tails! I even have two mischievous black MALE kitties and a male goldendoodle. Who knows, maybe God will give us a little princess someday? If not, I am very content.

Every moment of our lives (yes even the hard ones) I look on with thankfulness. You see, I believe that God truly does orchestrate everything. He uses the bad and turns it into good. I have seen his faithfulness numerous times over my lifetime (especially my young adult and adult life.) I love to share about His love and Grace in my life.

God created me a very passionate person.

I have several passions but four in particular I will tell you about here. The first one is sharing my testimony of God’s grace in my life through – numerous trials in marriage/relationships, health issues (to the point of facing my mortality head on) and hardships in conception and childbearing. Secondly, I am passionate about learning, applying and sharing healthy living tips techniques, recipes and natural remedies that literally heal our bodies from the inside out. I strongly believe that there needs to be more awareness of what it is that we are actually putting into our mouths and on our skin. The choices we make in this arena everyday can drastically affect our well being. I am passionate about creating more awareness to the consumer so that we can only purchase, use and eat products with ingredients that nourish and heal our bodies. Our choices in this area can be ultra healing or drastically damaging in our life. Thirdly, I get excited sharing ideas and resources that can positively impact a family. Things like activities to do together, homeschooling ideas, & family traditions. God gave me my family as a ministry and it is a great honor to be able to write about the things that help our family bond and thrive.  Fourthly,  I am passionate about sharing the power of doTERRA CPTG Essential oils in supporting great health and well being for our everyday life and vitality. In our own nuclear family we have seen major benefits in wellness just from using these oils. We have also seen and heard many issues resolved or improved in our friends and extended families’ lives from the application of our favorite essential oils. I believe this is a tool that God has given us (through His creation) to use for our well being.

There are also many things that I absolutely love.

I love organizing and planning. It makes me feel good. God has given me a natural ability and gift in this. I enjoy helping others in organization and planning whenever possible. I love cooking and trying new foods that help mine and my families’ bodies to thrive and stay healthy. I love eating grain free, dairy free, legume free, refined sugar free and sharing the latest and greatest recipes I have created or tried! I love the healing in my own personal life that has come first and foremost from the Grace of God and next through this change in diet and lifestyle. I love researching and using various curricula. I look forward to teaching my kids everyday (well almost, let’s be honest here) in school and helping them to grow in their understanding of faith and relationship with God and academics. I am a lifelong learner. In my downtime I generally like to be learning something or gaining knowledge in various areas. I love reveling in God’s creation and how dynamic and awe inspiring it truly is.  Teaching my boys about their Creator and how much He loves them is something I cherish. I am fond of taking photos and looking at good photography. Photography was one of my favorite classes in college!  I yearn to have more time to scrapbook which is one of my all time favorite hobbies. Touching the paper, feeling the textures and having beautiful albums to be shared for generations is so gratifying. It melts my heart when my youngest son asks to look at one of our family albums. It gives him a sense of security and belonging. It is so much fun to reminisce while looking at past pictures. I also have several other hobbies that you will see appear on this website from time to time. They are gardening, sewing, painting, reading, spending time with family and friends, listening to and reading old hymns, reading cookbooks and recipes (yes you read that right – reading cookbooks), playing around with typography and letters, and more.  Yes, as you can see I am very right-brained! Actually, I did a test recently and I came out “equal brained!” Who knew? I have dreams of someday living on a homestead, raising my own bees, and traveling the country in a motor home. Homesteading and traveling really don’t go hand in hand but I can still dream! Having a loving home and close relationships with our boys is something my husband and I both relish and as much as that we also look forward to retirement years together as empty nesters enjoying the gift of grandkids. Lord willing!

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