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6 Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils

In my years of essential oil sharing, I have often heard that essential oils are expensive and many people have said they just can’t afford them. While it’s true that grade 1 essential oils can cost more since it takes a lot of plant material to make drops of essential oil and there are no fillers to cut costs, I want to help you see that you can afford quality essential oils.

Before we Jump Into the Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils…

I wanted to share with you a startling statistic. According to cms.gov the US spends 3.3 trillion dollars a year on healthcare. That averages out to $10,348 per person!

Our family used to be a part of that statistic. We would meet our insurance deductible every single year (in January due to all of us getting radically sick each year.) Our hard earned cash was getting eaten up by insurance premiums, co-pays, surgeries, and lots of prescriptions every single year. It was discouraging.

It wasn’t until I hit my rock bottom health crisis that I realized we could do things differently and enjoy not getting every single sickness that came around as well as reduce inflammation in our bodies and boost our immune systems.

We changed our diet and lifestyle which included introducing essential oils into our daily lives. The victories we found in those changes were profound!

  • I experienced dramatic healing and got my life back.
  • My husband’s back inflammation went away. He no longer needed prescriptions or surgeries.
  • My kids’ eczema went away and their immune function improved dramatically.
  • We only got sick once or twice a year (max) as compared to 10+ times per person each year.
  • I stopped needing to pay for inhalers because I no longer needed them.
  • We haven’t been to the doctor for sickness in 5+ years now.

All those victories above saved us tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare spending. Some of the money we saved, we put into using high-quality, grade 1 essential oils, our anti-inflammatory diets rich in nutrient dense, whole food, using toxin-free toiletries and cosmetics, cleaning up our kitchenware and a few other lifestyle changes. After all that, we still had money left over from the $10,000+ that we were spending in years previous on healthcare!

Are Essential Oils Costly?

With the perspective I mentioned above, the answer is no. For our family, we do spend money on essential oils every single month but it is pennies (about $100 per month) as compared to over $10,000 we were shelling out before we started using essential oils. That totals about $1,200 per year instead of $10k+. That’s a big difference! We also get between $20-$200 per month in free essential oils and essential oils products. The best part is that essential oils boost the bodies functioning rather than just mask symptoms. They tackle problems down at the cellular level which is the ideal way to have optimal health. A mask is only temporary and we aren’t into temporarily feeling better. We always want to feel good!

The Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils

1. Less is More

The first thing to understand about essential oils, which is counterintuitive to the American Culture, is that more doesn’t equal better. In fact, just one drop or two is usually the most effective. Most essential oils cost between .03 and .15 per drop. Can you afford six or twenty-two cents per application?

2. Kits Give the Biggest Discount


6 Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils 2 | Feasting On Joy

When we first brought essential oils into our lives, we purchased a relatively inexpensive kit. We started this way for two reasons. The first reason was that a kit gave us a good variety of essential oils to start with which helped for many different maladies. That foundation was important. The second reason was that our favorite company sells oils below wholesale costs when you purchase them in kit form. For example, one of our favorite kits that includes 9, 15ml oil bottles, 1, 5ml oil bottle of the most beneficial oils + an awesome diffuser costs $275. If you were to purchase those oils and diffuser separately it would cost $366.67 + a $35 account fee. Buying a kit saved us $126.67.

Another perspective about essential oil kits is that if you were to break the cost up into 12 months (for the kit I mentioned above), it would only cost you $22.91 to bring essential oils into your life affordably! Could you spare $23 per month to use essential oils? All these oils are exactly what you would need to help support your body and quit contributing to the 3.3 trillion that Americans spend on healthcare.

3. Buying at Wholesale Prices

Another exceptional way to afford essential oils is to be sure you never pay retail prices for grade 1 essential oils. Wholesale prices are 25% below retail. For example, a 15ml bottle of Lemon oil will cost you $13.33 whereas at wholesale it will cost you $10.00. Over time that 25% savings really add up.

4. Get the Basic Oils First

There are so many essential oils to choose from to add to your stash. They are all wonderful to have but I recommend when you’re trying to keep it affordable that you purpose to start with these basic oils that help for everything! Again, these are usually found in an affordably priced kit, but I want you to know which oils are the best to start out with and will supply a great foundation for wellness.

  • Lemon (cost per drop: .04)
  • Lavender (cost per drop: .08)
  • Melaleuca (cost per drop: .08)
  • Frankincense (cost per drop: .28)
  • Peppermint (cost per drop: .08)
  • Clove (cost per drop: .06)
  • Oregano (cost per drop: .10)
  • DigestZen (cost per drop: .12)
  • OnGuard (cost per drop: .13)
  • AromaTouch or Deep Blue  (cost per drop: .10 &  .27 respectively)
  • Breathe (cost per drop: .08)
  • Average cost per drop = .12 for all the oils you need for optimal wellness.

For the essential oils that cost more money per drop, we use our Loyalty Rewards Points.

6 Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils 3 | Feasting On Joy

5. Loyalty Rewards Program – How You Can Truly Get Free Oils Each Month

Our clients always participate in the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) in order to save money and get free oils of their choosing.

This program is imperative to participate in to use essential oils on a budget.

Basically, it’s like a virtual punch card. All oils and oil products (with doTERRA) are assigned a point volume (PV). You earn a percentage back on that PV. For example: If you spend 100pv (roughly $100) on an order, when participating in LRP you will start by getting 10% back in points from that order, which would equal 10 points. You max out at (after 12 months participation) getting 30% back in points which would equal 30 points on that same order! doTERRA also generously gives points on shipping costs. We always choose the least expensive shipping which is $3.99 and doTERRA gives us 4 points on that.

Points can be spent one for one like cash on oils and most oil products. So if I had $10 points I could get that bottle of lemon oil for $10 for free.

It literally pays to be a part of Loyalty Rewards and saves us and our clients SO much money each year. We have gotten some of the most expensive oils like Melissa ($135+), Frankincense ($93) and Helichrysum ($100) for free because we used our points. It’s free to be a part of and there are no strings attached.

6. Understand that One Bottle Holds Hundreds of Different Uses

One reason we absolutely love essential oils is that we never have an essential oils graveyard. When I used to take a bunch of supplements, I would always have a supplement graveyard in one of my cabinets. These were the ones that I tried and they either didn’t work or they didn’t sit well with me. It always saddened me to look in the cabinet and see the hundreds of dollars just sitting there never to be used again.

Alternatively, with essential oils, we don’t EVER experience that graveyard. If we purchase an essential oil for a certain reason and it doesn’t entirely do the trick, it’s not just money wasted, instead, there are many other ways we can use that oil. It’s wonderful!

You CAN Use Essential Oil Affordably and on a Budget

It’s a matter of perspective and priority that will help you be able to use essential oils affordably. If you look at the money you are saving in doctor bills, prescriptions, time spent going to and from appointments and insurance premiums, you will find that using essential oils is much less costly than the alternative.

Realizing that using fewer oils is more effective than using an increased amount will make your oils go further. In addition getting essential oils in an all-in-one kit to start with could save you hundreds of dollars an ultimately result in spending around $23 a month on oils. It’s a wonderful thing!

Buying at wholesale prices decreases your cost as well as participating in the Loyalty Rewards Program where you get free oils often. You also learned that the cost per drop of essential oils is pennies compared to what you are paying for other remedies you employ. Starting with the basic oils which can support many areas of your health is a great way to keep costs down and realizing that each bottle of essential oil you have can help with hundreds of different issues will allow you to downsize the number of healthy products you use which in turn saves you money.

If you would like to bring essential oils into your home affordably today then click below to get started.

6 Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils 4 | Feasting On Joy

6 Ways You Can Afford Essential Oils | Feasting On Joy

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