4 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Doctor!

A good doctor can be such a wonderful addition to your health journey. A bad doctor can literally cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars and have a deeply injurious effect on your health – both emotional and physical. It’s quite a choice we have when seeking out an excellent physician. You can learn how to interview a doctor on my previous post. For now, let’s talk about when it’s time to fire your doctor and let them go.

I’ve run the gamut with doctors over the years and through my experience with many bad doctors am able to pinpoint when it’s time to break up. There are always definitive signs and, although it’s quite a job finding another doctor that is the right fit, I promise you it will be well worth it for your pocketbook as well as your health to wait until you have genuinely found a partner in your journey.

There are many more signs than these four but these are the ones that stand out to me and what give me the go-ahead to start packing!

4 Signs It Is Time to Fire Your Doctor

The Dreaded Adrenal Rush

I can’t tell you how many times I have had a doctors appointment in the past years and dreaded it so much. Sometimes I would loathe it even more than going to the dentist! {That’s until I found Biological Dentistry} The worst parts of visiting the dreaded doctor’s office was the nervousness I felt, the adrenaline rush and heart palpitations I would get just anticipating an argument, rejection, or a cavalier attitude towards me. As I started to understand our bodies and how they work, the fight or flight stress response, I realized that when I went to the practitioners office and had this stress response, it was devastating my already compromised health. This kind of experience should not be normal when attending an appointment. Nervousness and an adrenaline rush should not happen when you are on the phone with the doctor or their staff either.

The sad thing is that this feeling is becoming more “normal” today as it is hard to find a doctor that doesn’t fight, argue and reject. However, there are great practitioners out there so don’t lose hope! Keep up your search! Don’t settle for a doctor that makes you uncomfortable or nervous or is just plain mean. There are more fish in the sea! When you are going to a medical office, it should be helpful and calm and you should feel cared for and that you have a true partner in your journey. It’s worth the search and the wait to find the right fit!

Do you get an adrenaline rush going to your doctor?

Trust Is An Issue

Do you ever go to an office visit and sit there listening to your doctor but they either aren’t making sense, or you can clearly see they might have lost a few marbles? I have many times! One time I actually had a doctor tell me that they are worried about me getting cancer because I don’t get sick! This one still makes me laugh out loud. Seriously! You would think a doctor would know that when you have a GOOD immune system, you don’t get sick. Enjoying a functioning immune system does not open you up to get cancer. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Actually, my husband and I have a running joke that now when I do get sick (which isn’t that often) I now know I won’t get cancer.

Anyway, trusting your doctor is of the utmost importance. They are manipulating your life in ways that can make you feel better or worse. You need to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have your best interest at heart, not theirs. Finding an educated doctor is vital and I have found that a doctor who is attentive to the latest research and is not stuck in a box is trust building. The best is when they aren’t dogmatic and realize that bio-individuality is very relevant in treatment. Be absolutely sure you can trust your doctor and have a dialogue with them to ask questions which can build your trust and understanding. Be sure you trust their expertise and that they have proven to you they are an expert at what they are doing with your body.

Do you trust your doctor?

You Feel Like It’s Groundhog day

If you are going to consistent appointments and committing to protocols suggested but seeing no results in your own health and you keep going around in circles with your practitioner then consider this a warning sign. In my experience, when it’s time to fire my doctor, we have run out of tools to use to get to the bottom of the health problem. The doctor literally has no more expertise to pull from. This is where visits can start costing ridiculous amounts of money. One of my doctors would keep ordering the same tests, somewhat interpret them for me, and then decide to give me a boatload of supplements to take with no end in site. The cycle was endless. Stupidly, I racked up the $$$! Over the course of some years the only thing this doctor had to offer me were these sub-par tests with fruitless results that would only lead to more and more supplements and more and more money spent. It really felt like Groundhog day. I was doing the same thing over and over again but with no results.

Do you feel like it’s Groundhog day when you visit your doctor?

You Feel Like You are Talking to a Rock

I’ve been to all kinds of doctors. I remember the one that was a cold-hearted snake and literally had no expression on her face or ounce of compassion when I had lost so much blood because I was miscarrying and my baby had died. Getting an expression or a word out of her was like pulling teeth. I have had doctors who are so unwilling to divulge information and had such a wall up it was like trying to get water out of a rock. I have experienced practitioners who are so arrogant and prideful that they can’t even imagine being questioned when wanting a patient to follow a protocol or to do a procedure.

These kinds of doctors don’t really care. They either don’t know how to listen or can’t be bothered to listen. Don’t waste your time, money and emotion with them. You’ll know when you come across this kind of doctor. They are the ones that either give you the blank stare, give you five minutes in their office, or can’t professionally answer the questions you ask.

A physician should welcome questions and be encouraged that their patient wants to understand what’s going on. They should make eye contact with you and listen intently with the intent of putting you at ease. They should be humble and open to listening to what you have to say. Lastly, they should not be rushed. Instead, you should feel like you are their only patient.

Do you feel like you’re talking to a rock when you visit your doctor?


These four signs really go hand in hand and I consider them warning signs or red flags that it’s time to start your search for another, truly great physician. Don’t wait. Your health depends on it!

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