24 Day No Sugar Challenge

Hi there! I am seeking any of my readers who would like to embark on a challenge with me to eliminate sugar from our diets for 24 days.

You see, I actually never eat refined sugar anymore. I haven’t for years. However, even unrefined, Paleo friendly sugars and even fruit have started to take main stage in my life again. Even though these are natural and unrefined sugars like coconut sugar, honey, dates, bananas, etc., they are still sugar and are causing some of my unwanted symptoms to return.

Sugar cravings are something I have always struggled with and you will see in my health journey that this toxic substance is one of the ways I got to my healing crisis in 2013. Around that time, in order to heal, one of the things I did was I went without sugar (even fruit) for 365 days! I know I can do this but I am taking it in smaller increments this time – instead of a whole year it will be almost a month.

Instead of doing this by myself I thought I would reach out to my readers and see who wants to come along for the ride. The benefits are two fold – I have some accountability and promote healing in my body and you have some accountability (if you want) and promote healing in YOUR body. It’s a win-win.

Defining the boundaries of the challenge

Start Date: Monday, September 14, 2015

End Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 (you are welcome to go a whole 30 days if you want!)

Natural, God-made sugar is in A LOT of foods – even many vegetables. However, sugar that is in fruits, especially higher glycemic ones like ripe bananas, peaches, etc, is more addictive to that of the sugar in carrots or even beets. And we all know that honey and coconut sugars and things like this are even more addicting! I will be moderating higher sugar vegetables but will still be eating them. I will not be eating foods with high sugar content and I will be moderating starches as well. However, I will not be cutting starches out because I don’t want my body in a state of ketosis. After all, I need to have energy to be a mom, homeschool my boys and do life!

Here is what I am eliminating for 24 days:

  • refined sugar* (actually I am not eliminating that because it has already been eliminated but maybe it hasn’t for you?)
  • coconut sugar
  • honey (even raw and local)
  • dates (I know this is a fruit but it’s often used in baking so I wanted to call it out.)
  • all fruit (even ripened plantains)
  • maple syrup
  • coconut nectar
  • blackstrap molasses
    *this includes corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, organic sugar and added sugar in any processed form

For fun and accountability I plan on documenting what I eat most days on my Feasting On Joy Facebook Page so be sure to like my page if you want to get those updates and ideas.

One of the most important things to do when doing any kind of elimination from your diet is to keep a symptoms log. Before I start, I always record any symptoms I have. At the end of the elimination I record any symptoms I still have (hopefully none) and then compare the columns to see what changed. Don’t skip this part! It is SO motivating and helpful to see what has changed from the hard work of eliminating a potential trigger food. I have created a document for you to download and record your symptoms. Be sure to print one out and get to writing! It’s free below.

Lastly, so I know I have some company for the next 24 days, email me or comment in this post. I would love to know how you are doing during this elimination and also have some accountability.

Don’t Forget! Click HERE to download your FREE Symptom Tracker Sheet to use for your 24 days! When you download, right click on the picture and save image to your computer. Then, print from the saved image.

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  1. Hi there!
    I just started another whole 30 this past Monday so we should be ending around the same time.
    I’m cutting out all dairy, grains and sugar (processed or unprocessed). I’ll be keeping the fruit though as it really helps to keep things movin and that’s extremely important for me right now. 😉 Also, I don’t want to mess with my milk production too much.
    My fruit will consist mostly of berries with an apple or banana most days.
    The last time I did this I noticed a lot of changes, my favorite being increased energy.
    Losing, oh lets say 10-20 lbs couldn’t hurt either. Lol
    No rush on that. She’s only 2 1/2 weeks old. 😉
    So what do ya say? Do I qualify?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Michelle! I am so excited you will be participating. With nursing a baby and knowing exactly what you body needs as far as fiber I think it will be great to have you along for the ride. It shows that we all have different ways our healing journey works! Excited to keep up on how you feel throughout!

  2. I’m doing this with you! I’ve been meaning to do something like this but have had no motivation. 24 days seems doable. I know I can do this! Does this mean no lemons?

    • Jennifer

      Hi Melissa, I am so happy you are doing this with me. I love having company! I needed the motivation too. I know you can do it too 🙂 Good questions about lemons. Lemons are OK since they are VERY low glycemic, they help cleanse our system (liver and kidneys) and actually help slow the process of changing starch to sugar in our bodies. So they are OK to consume (if tolerated) during the 24 days. That being said, oranges and any other citrus (except for limes) should not be eaten. They are higher in fruit sugars and will compromise progress. Also, there are some people who can’t tolerate citrus and it makes them feel worse. I’m so happy to have you join us!



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