• Quotables April


    It’s that time again! Time for encouraging quotes that I have come across in the last few months in quotable, printable form. There are many more but these are the ones I really wanted to share with you now.


    Be sure to read to the bottom of this post where you can download a pdf file of these 4×6 cards you can print. They are free and my way of saying thank you to my readers. Enjoy!

    If you missed my first Quotable post in this series click here to see it.


    whatever you plant sally clarkson


    St. Francis deSales


    Ray Ortlund


    Puritan Thomas Boston


    Sarah Mackenzie


    Peace Sarah Mackenzie


    don't limit your child sally clarkson





    Be Fiathful in the darkest time sally clarkson


    Be encouraged friends. I know just in my personal life there are a lot of people hurting right now and going through some very dark times. I pray God’s comfort over you and that your soul would find rest in Him if that’s where you are as well. 


    Click here to download your free 4 x 6 printables of these Quotables!

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