Why I Don’t Use Scentsy or Anything Else With Fragrance

Why I Don’t Use Scentsy or Anything Else With Fragrance. I must confess, I used to be the girl who had every Yankee Candle in her home – at least one in every room. I was especially drawn to the food smelling candles. I loved Bath and Body Works wallflowers and had...

Resolving Ongoing Back Discomfort Naturally

I wanted to share with you my husband’s spinal story and how living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle has kept his chronic inflammation at bay and eliminated his cartilage and joint dysfunction. It’s pretty amazing and hopefully will encourage you that supporting a...

Summary and Completion for the 24 Day No Sugar Challenge

We did it! It is crazy for me to think that I just completed 24 days with no sugar - even fruit sugar. What's crazy about it is that it really isn't that long. Not to minimize what we just did but it will be almost three years since I went 365 days without any sugar....

12 Day Update on the 24 Day No Sugar Challenge!

  If you would like a little background on the 24 Day No Sugar Challenge click here. We're half way through! It's been 12 whole days! How are you doing keeping sugar out of your diet? Has it been easier than you thought it would be? How have you felt? Are you...

Triple Antioxidant Fermented Black Garlic

We all know that garlic is an extremely powerful food to be used in cooking and in healing. It has antibiotic properties, it is rich in antioxidants and has 43 sulfur containing compounds - like Allicin which is anti-cancer, anti-candida, anti-parasitic and...

Road Trippin’ Paleo Style

  My family and I love to travel. We really love road trips because we get to see God's creation while we're driving and we get to make happy memories in the car. Since we changed our lifestyle from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to eating clean foods that are...

Nut Free Ants On a Log

Before changing our eating habits one of our snacks we would eat were Ants on a Log using Peanut Butter. I eventually switched to peanut butter that had no hydrogenated oils and thought I was doing something healthier for my kids. What I didn't realize is that peanuts...

365 days of change: non-toxic products we use for better health

Last year was a year of change - big time. Not only did our eating habits change but almost every other facet of our lives changed too. We changed everything from pots and pans to make-up and cleaners with the goal to get as many toxins out of our house and cleared...

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