• Hashimotos and Autoimmunuity Oral Health and Biological Dentistry Part 1 What is Biological Dentistry

    Great oral health is a large component of over all health and well being. If you are struggling with Hashimotos or any type of autoimmunity, anxiety, depression, inability to detox heavy metals, yeast or chronic candida, brain fog, a feeling like voices are in your head, tremors in your body, extreme fatigue and sleeplessness then it is important that you evaluate your oral health and take proper steps to clean out your mouth and support healing.

    Hashimotos and Autoimmunity, Oral Health and Biological Dentistry 5 Part Blog Series 

    Since our oral health is so vital I wanted to share with you a five part blog series about conventional dental treatments that can cause major health problems, give you an understanding of holistic or biological dentistry, suggest solutions to improve oral health and share with your our experience with an amazing biological dentist.

    The series will include the following:

    What is Biological Dentistry?

    Biological dentistry is a form of dentistry that recognizes our teeth and oral structures are an integral part of our body and that overall health and well being is directly affected by the state of our teeth and surrounding areas. These dentists strive to address root causes of symptoms in the body by remitting and healing oral ailments.

    The goal of a biological dentist is to treat each patient as an individual. What this means is that, even though there are protocols, everyone is different in what their body needs, how it responds to treatment, and root causes so the dentist takes that into consideration while working with the patient in their healing journey. No one fit’s into a neat and tidy little box with a biological dentist.

    What’s Different in a Biological Dentist’s Office?

    Because biological dentists or holistic dentists {as they are sometimes called} treat the body as a whole, you’ll often find more than just the office staff, hygienist, dental chair and dentist in the somewhat sterile feeling office. Instead, often times you’ll find a masseuse, acupressurist, acupuncturist, organic coffee and tea with filtered water, relaxing music, a lot of smiles and a warm and welcoming environment as part of your visit. They often focus on mind, body and spirit as a whole which is why they utilize these natural supplementary tools in their office.

    These type of dentists depart from conventional dental treatment and protocols and view many conventional treatments as down right dangerous to a human being’s health. They employ a wide variety of procedures and practices. You’ll find a comprehensive exam that will often take two hours or more. This consult addresses all issues going on in the body so the dentist can grasp the depth of the patients issues and understand the patient and their goals as well as begin to address an area that might be causing the immune suppression in the first place. The consultation with the dentist often takes place while in a comfortable room, not in the dentist chair.

    “What’s in the mouth affects the body and what’s in your body is also affecting your oral health.” Dr. Lane Freeman, D.D.S

    Biological dentists begin their training in the same manner as a conventional dentist and then follow up with and education in Integrative Medicine and Dentistry.

    These are our biological dentist’s credentials:

    • Graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School in San Antonio (1980)
    • Board Certified Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine
    • Board Certified Naturpathic Medical Doctor
    • Fellow Academy of General Dentistry
    • Fellow International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology
    • Faculty Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine
    • Faculty American College of Integrative Medicine & Dentistry
    • President International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

    Biological dentists don’t do root canals, they remove amalgams using many safety precautions like rubber dams, iv vitamin c, water vapor, negative ions and more. They don’t use the poison fluoride, use only bio compatible dental materials for each individual (through blood testing) and address silent infections with the use of ozone, antioxidants and infected tooth removal. They test bacteria type and levels in your mouth and use conscious iv sedation rather than nitrous oxide and the like. Lastly, and very important, through the entire process they educate you on holistic oral health and proper functional prevention that will improve health and allow the immune system to work efficiently.

    The next post in this series will address The Dangers of Root Canals.

    In the mean time….

    Take an inventory of the following:

    • Do you have mercury in your mouth?
    • Do you have any metal in your mouth? {usually in dentistry it is some sort of metal alloy}
    • Have you had any root canals?
    • Are your gums receding?
    • Do you have mouth or tooth pain
    • Do you get canker sores a lot? {also a sign of poor gut health and food sensitivities}
    • Did you have your wisdom teeth pulled? (we will get into why this could be a problem in post 4 of this series)
    • Do you have an autoimmune condition?
      • Anything neurodegenerative like MS, Lou Gehrigs, Parkinsons, Dementia, Epilepsy etc.
      • Joint pain in Rheumatoid Arthritis and/or chronic arthritis
      • Thyroid conditions like Graves, Hypothyroidism or Hashimotos
      • Digestive disorders like Crohn’s, IBD or Celiac
      • Mental/Mood disorders like bipolar, depression or manic
      • Skin issues like eczema or psoriasis – even lupus
      • Type 1 Diabetes
      • Vitiligo
      • Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia
    • Do you have cancer or have a history of any type of cancer in your family?
    • Do you have heart disease or a history of heart disease in your family?
    • Do you have asthma or COPD?
    • Do you have leaky gut?
    • Do you have chronic fungal infections
    • Do you have brain fog or a very hard time focusing and learning?
    • Do you have an inability to go to sleep and stay asleep?

    If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is likely you need to take an inventory of your oral health as it could be one facet to address in your healing journey.

    Find a Biological Dentist

    Here are three websites you can go to in order to find a Biological Dentist near you:

    International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

    Holistic Dental Association

    International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

    Don’t underestimate the power your oral health has on your immune system and over all well being!




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