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Why Essential Oils, and Why doTERRA?

The US spends around 2.8 TRILLION dollars a year on healthcare yet we are one of the sickest countries.

Americans spend trillions of dollars each year on health care. Yes, you read that right, trillions with a “T.” That is a number with 12 zeros behind it! I would think that because of those expenditures that the treatments our people are paying for are helping and healing wouldn’t you?  We are in fact one of the sickest nations in history so that goes to show that our current healthcare and all the money being spent is NOT working. I am a perfect example of that after wasting years and years of my life in the world of Traditional Western Medicine only getting sicker and sicker and spending lots of money. You can read my health journey here. Healing came from changing my diet to whole foods and ditching the processed foods, introducing many alternative healing therapies and ultimately changing mine and my family’s lifestyle.

What I am finding is that more and more people are seeking out natural alternatives to their health. More people are starting to take their health into their own hands and are becoming their own advocates because they are not getting the help they need elsewhere.

Everyone, yes, everyone has a health need at one point or another. Since the world of alternative medicine is growing and providing much relief to those who are suffering, sharing doTERRA Essential Oils is an excellent choice because essential oils support our bodies natural, God given healing mechanisms and boost our immune systems. We are the #1 EO company in the world and are equipped and ready to provide these amazing oils for every family. doTERRA Oils work for you!  It comes very natural to want to tell your friends and family about these empowering beauties.

Steve and I had no intention of turning our personal oil usage into a business. In fact, I emphatically said, “No way, I don’t have time for that!” However, sharing oils, as I just mentioned above, is naturally what occurred! We prayed and ask God if He was opening this door for us. The rest if history! Our team grew and grew and grew and our passions grew even more! We love what we do in helping others feel better. It is rewarding to know that the time we have spent with someone will positively impact their life – forever. doTERRA essential oils speak for themselves. There is no selling involved because people want to find something to help them and they are thrilled to find a natural alternative that is safe and effective that actually works.

doTERRA meets a BIG need in our society. The oils empower moms not to have to rely on doctors at the sign of every sneeze or tickle. These oils empower dads to be the family physician in their family. The oils provide a safe and effective natural alternative to help our bodies with the maladies that come our way. doTERRA Essential Oils enable us to make homemade non-toxic products and detoxify our home from health hindering chemicals. These Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils have no negative side effects which is a sweet bonus! In fact, doTERRA has to send a monthly report to the FDA to let them know there haven’t been any adverse reactions. They also third party test their oils and are willing to share the test results transparently. That’s a big deal in our opinions.

When You Work With Us You Can Expect

Dedicated education in oil usage and safety as well as how to grow a thriving business.

Personal mentoring to help your business succeed.

National conventions and regional training as well as business get together’s throughout the year.

To earn some side cash, supplemental income or replace an entire income.

What Does It Take To Work With Us?

1.) Start by choosing one of our starter kits
The ones we recommend are listed if you click “starter kits.” You are welcome to work with us by investing in any of the kits. However, if you know you are going to share oils and build a team we recommend the Diamond Kit, Every Oil Kit or Natural Solutions Kit. The reason is that you get a wonderful start with all or a lot of doTERRA oils and products and you will have a head start on holding classes.

2.) Set-up your monthly personal order for 100PV
In order to receive a commission this is the one requirement to meet. It’s very simple to reach an order of 100pv. doTERRA not only has oils but they have oil products like detergent (which I swear by), toothpaste, an optimal dose, whole food multi-vitamin (that helps my hubby SO much in relieving inflammation), lotions, an entire skin care line as well as a spa line. The possibilities are endless. All it takes is to reallocate funds you spend on other products to superior ones from doTERRA. *All products are gluten free and non-gmo as well.

3.) Start sharing oils with your family and friends.
Give out samples, talk about them, USE THEM yourself, learn about them. It really never feels like selling. Rather, it is purely just sharing something you love. It is very fulfilling helping someone else find a solution to their health issue. *No previous experience is required because we mentor and train as much as needed.


4.) The best part – get paid weekly!
doTERRA has one of the most generous compensation plans we have ever seen. There are no gimmicks, just sharing and earning. Through doTERRA, we want to help you meet your financial goals regardless if they are big or small.

Do You Want To Learn More?

We would love to share more with you and answer any and all the questions you may have. You can fill in the questionairre below and we will get in contact with you! (*) denotes required fields.


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