Step-By-Step DIY Homemade Dryer Ball Tutorial

Do you use store bought dryer sheets? Please tell me you don't! They are full of chemicals, namely fragrance that is very harmful to your health. When it is on your clothes your skin absorbs it and you also inhale it all day long. Instead of using that nastiness, why...

DIY Family Yearbook

DIY Family Yearbook You may not know this about me but I am an avid scrapbooker. I have created albums and gift albums for 22 years of my life and was a consultant for Creative Memories for nine of those years. I have only used Creative Memories premium products (now...

DIY Celebrating Obedience Tool

DIY Celebrating Obedience Tool Hello my friends! I am super excited to share a tool with you that we used so much when my kiddos were younger to help with obedience. If you have younger kids as well as kids that love visuals then this obedience tool will be for you....

DIY Rendered Pastured Lard

DIY Rendered Pastured Lard Did you know that for hundreds of years animal fats played a primary role in the human diet? It's not until recent years that American society has deemed saturated animal fats the enemy. We've all seen it in the headlines recently that the...

DIY Clay Animal Zoo {Apologia Zoology 3}

Apologia's Zoology 3 DIY Clay Animal Zoo Each year we use Apologia science I like to have a project that we add to throughout the school year. This year we finished science in the first semester by changing our schedule around and it was such a blessing. For Apologia...

5 Minute Essential Oil Airplane Sanitizing Wipes

Don't miss the free printable 4x6 recipe card pdf. of my 5 Minute Essential Oil Airplane Sanitizing Wipes further down in this post! Travel season or vacation season is coming up and you may find yourself flying on an airplane soon. If you are not on an airplane you...

Non-Toxic DIY Essential Oil Outdoor Blend

Bring this outdoor blend with you whenever you are outside! Numerous times this summer we have had a need for bug repellent. I will never put the storebought stuff on that contains DEET which is a pesticide and can lead to motor deficits and memory dysfunction among...

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